16 Iconic Latina TV Characters to Dress Up As For Halloween

October is almost over and you what that means—Halloween is just around the corner! Growing up, we might’ve had a hard time picking a costume since there weren’t a lot of Latinas to choose from

Gentefied Ana Morales


October is almost over and you what that means—Halloween is just around the corner! Growing up, we might’ve had a hard time picking a costume since there weren’t a lot of Latinas to choose from. How many times can we really dress up as our Queen of Tejano music, Selena? But these days, we’re in a more inclusive era of television, which has brought us numerous Latinx-led shows or shows with Latinx-inclusive casts like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, One Day at a Time, Gentefiedand many more. While Latinx representation has a long way to go in Hollywood, we have our pick of iconic Latinas on TV to dress up as this Halloween.

Each character has a few must-have staples in their wardrobe but you also have a lot of room to play and get creative when putting together your costume!  Since this is TV, there are many outfits from different seasons you could take inspiration from. And if two Latinas come from the same show, you could even pair up and dress up with a bestie! Read on to learn more about 16 iconic Latinas on TV that you can dress up as for Halloween to show your pride for some of our favorite fictional characters.


Amy Santiago

Where would Latina representation on TV be without THE Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine? For this costume, channel her signature look with a long-sleeved button-up in a bright color like pink, orange, blue, or white. Pair with a grey blazer and pants, wear your hair down or in a ponytail, throw on a belt and studs, and you’re ready to take on a day at the 99th Precinct!


Rosa Diaz

If you’ve got an all-black wardrobe, you might just be the perfect person to dress up as Brooklyn Nine-Nine badass Rosa Diaz. You might already have her signature black or red leather jacket, black top, black jeans, black heeled boots, a belt, and a silver necklace. For make-up and hair, curl your hair, smudge black eyeshadow and liner around your eyes, and pair with dark lipstick. Bonus points if you have access to a motorcycle!


Amy Sosa

The leading lady of NBC’s Superstore has changed a lot over the course of five seasons, which means you have a few options to choose from when deciding what to wear for your costume. Will you try floor manager Amy, with a flannel or bright long sleeve, jeans, boots, blue vest, and a name tag with the wrong name? Or maybe corporate Amy, with a bright blue blazer, button-up, black pants, belt, stud earrings, and heels? The choices are limitless!


Betty Suarez

Try dressing up as America Ferrera‘s other iconic TV character, Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty! Her signature look includes her iconic thin red glasses, button-ups and skirts with unique, eye-catching prints, sweater vests and cardigans, her pearl necklace with a B letter charm, braces, and bangs. To make your outfit accurate and unique, look at her various outfits throughout the show for inspiration and see how she pairs all kinds of prints together that you might not otherwise match. If you’re still stuck, follow this rule of thumb: the louder the outfit, the prouder and more like Betty you’ll be!


Ana Morales

If you’re going as Ana Morales from the Netflix show Gentefied, don’t be afraid to get creative! Channel this passionate artist with statement hoop earrings, layered nameplate and Virgencita necklaces, thick pigtail braids, eyeliner, and bright lipstick. When it comes to the outfit, you can never go wrong with hoodies, tank tops, traditional Mexican blouses, or a cute jean jacket, paired with jeans or overalls and sneakers. Dress up like the rebel, revolutionary, and community advocate you are!


Yessika Castillo

Whether you’re looking for a couples costume for Ana or riding solo, you can never go wrong with Yessika Castillo, also from Gentefied! For this costume, you’ll need big hoop earrings, a nameplate necklace, hoodie and jeans or another comfortable outfit. Or for another look, channel professional Yessika with a blazer and pantsuit. Either way, we know you’ll rock this look with style!


Fabiola Torres

Where would Netflix’s Never Have I Ever be without the hilarious, nerdy Fabiola Torres? Capture this easy costume with a striped t-shirt, blue polo, or button-up tucked into jeans and a belt, and a backpack. For an even more unique look, experiment with fun prints, coats, blazers, and hoops!


Monse Finnie

Monse Finnie, the main queen of On My Block has definitely evolved her style and fashion sense over the course of the show. From comfortable hoodies, long sleeves, and flannels to bustiers, leather jackets, and bombers, you can decide which version of Monse you’d like to celebrate this Halloween! Don’t be afraid to play with your hair too, which can be thrown up into a half up-half down, decorated with clips, or weaved into braids.


Jasmine Flores

Dressing up as fan-favorite Jasmine Flores from On My Block will have you reaching for the most fun, exciting pieces in your closet! She has many unique looks throughout the show but be sure to include some of these basics as a foundation: overalls, a jean jacket, big statement hoops, flowers in the hair, bright prints (including leopard), and her iconic checkered fanny pack. Remember, the more fun, the better!


Maddy Perez

Go for an out-of-the-box look with glamour girl and fashionista Maddy Perez from Euphoria. For this look, you’ll need an outfit that stands out and isn’t afraid to be a little sexy and edgy. Whether a skintight dress, matching top and bell bottom set, fur coat, or mesh top paired with a beret or eye-catching hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your make-up look too, which can include winged eyeliner with stick-on diamonds, bright eyeshadow, gold hoops and necklaces, and dark lipstick. If you need more inspiration, pretend you’re about to break your sexist school dress code in every possible way but aren’t afraid of getting in trouble for it.


Kat Hernandez

Rope in your fellow bestie to go with you as Euphoria‘s Kat Hernandez! Similar to Maddy, don’t be afraid to go outside of your usual comfort zone with choker necklaces, fishnet tights, leather skirts, tight shirts, and the biggest black boots you can find. Or, for her Season 2 look, go for cardigans, sweater vests, or tops and dresses with bold prints. Above all, find pieces that complement your body type. Embrace who you are, just like Kat!


Santana Lopez

Honor one of the first queer Afro-Latinas to grace the small screen by channeling Santana Lopez from the cult classic show, Glee! While she has many cute outfits throughout the show, you can never go wrong with your iconic red and white cheerleader outfit with matching pom-poms, an optional long white sleeve, and your hair in a high ponytail. You’ll be ready to cheer the football team AND sing in the glee club!


Julie Molina

If you’re looking for the perfect costume for the child or teen in your life, look no further than Julie Molina from Julie and the Phantoms! The show may have been canceled but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel her iconic on-stage look on Halloween, complete with a sparkly, bedazzled leather jacket, layered necklaces, a purple dress, colored highlights, gold hoops, and a nameplate necklace. For a simpler but just as cute look, swap these items out for her everyday look including an off-the-shoulder top or comfy t-shirt or sweater, a headband, and a layered dress.


Elena Alvarez

Elena Alvarez is another iconic LGBTQIA+ Latina to dress up as this year. Keep it simple but cute with an oversized cardigan or flannel, striped shirt, jeans, and thick black glasses. If you’re looking for an elevated look, go for a blazer and turtleneck, or her school outfit with a blue polo and checkered skirt. Either way, we know you’ll celebrate this gay icon with pride!


Pilar Salazar

Love, Victor‘s “it girl” Pilar Sanchez is another great costume choice this Halloween. Channel your inner rebellious teen with a dark top (preferably black), cardigan, and plaid dress or jeans. And of course, no Pilar outfit is complete without her signature winged liner, hoops, and choker. Feel free to play around with your hair too, whether a curled half up-half down or braided or straightened and pulled back with eye-catching barrettes.


Veronica Lodge

We’re ending with yet another Latina glamour girl, a.k.a. Veronica Lodge from Riverdale. Go for the gold with her blue and yellow cheerleader outfit or her chic, preppy, and sophisticated school look. For this, you’ll need pearls, an eye-catching top like a v-neck, sweater vest, or schoolgirl button-up with a skirt, and a cute handbag. Swipe on some eyeliner and dark lipstick, and you’re ready to solve mysteries and protect the people of Riverdale with the rest of your friend group!

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