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Latina Designers Whose Work Elevates Latin American Fashion

Nicole Young
We at HipLatina love fashion and appreciate the beautiful diversity in Latin American style and so do these amazing Latina designers. Valentino and Chanel get plenty of love worldwide but there’s still progress to be made in shining a light...

See Over 100 Years of Vintage Latina Fashion

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
https://www.pinterest.com/pin/81909286951404962/ You can easily tell the fashion trends of a certain decade just by looking at what the big designers were creating and what was being featured in the magazines. But what about what everyday women were wearing? How these big...

10 Latina Feminist Shirts You Need In Your Closet ASAP

Priscilla Blossom
When it comes to fashion, some of us prefer to use our outfits as part political statement. Sure, we can wear some brand name designer top. Or we can simply use our T-shirts to call out the patriarchy, or racism,...
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Sí Se Puede: 13 Latinx Feminist Tees That Highlight Our Poder

Virginia Isaad
It’s the time to be woke, to be loud and to be proud and sometimes it helps to also let your clothes do the talking. Latinx fashion is more than just beauty, it’s become a statement that promotes inclusivity and...