Sí Se Puede: 13 Latinx Feminist Tees That Highlight Our Poder

It’s the time to be woke, to be loud and to be proud and sometimes it helps to also let your clothes do the talking

Latinx Feminist Tees HipLatina

Photo: Twitter: @TheFutureIsLatina

It’s the time to be woke, to be loud and to be proud and sometimes it helps to also let your clothes do the talking. Latinx fashion is more than just beauty, it’s become a statement that promotes inclusivity and pride and ensures that even when we’re not saying a word we’re still making a statement.

Educated Latina by Es La Maestra

Latinx Feminist Tees HipLatina

Photo: Etsy.com

LA-based Es La Maestra’s mantra is “Education + Representation + Empowerment” and this design speaks to that and how with education Latinas become that much more powerful. Educated Latina, $26


Frida Kahlo the Riveter by Lucky120

The iconic Rosie the Riveter image gets a Latina twist. This eco-friendly shop based in Long Beach, California features plenty of Frida items – an inspiration for designer
Elizabeth Ramirez – and this tee is silk screened then painted by hand. Frida Kahlo the Riveter, $25.


Soy Fuerte Soy Mujer by L.a. Chica

I am Latina hear me roar. L.A. Chica promotes Chicana and Latina culture and it’s all about embracing la fuerza within.  Soy Fuerte, Soy Mujer, $22 


Migration is Beautiful by FemChic Apparel

Latinx Feminist Tees HipLatina

Photo: Spreesy.com

It’s hard to pick just one top from FemChic Apparel when their collection embodies Latinx feminism but this limited edition tee combines a beautiful message with a beautiful design. The text and butterflies are handpainted and handsewn and $1 of every purchase goes toward organizations that support women and PoC, just in case you needed another reason to feel good about the purchase. Migration is Beautiful, $37


Nada Permanece Todo Revoluciona by Redbubble

Latinx Feminist Tees HipLatina

Photo: Redbubble.com

There’s badass Latinas then there’s Frida. She famously “acquired” a new birth year – 1910 – three years after her actual birth, so that it coincided with the start of the Mexican revolution.  The design features Frida with her revolutionary weapons – her paintbrushes. Nada Permanece Todo Revoluciona, $23

The Future is Latina tee by The Future is Latina

Mujeres united rule the world and this company’s name, emblazoned on this tee, sends the message that the future shines bright like a diamond for and because of Latinas. The Future Is Latina, $25 


Not Your Mamacita by Jen Zeano Designs

JZD is a Texas- based lifestyle brand founded by Jen and Veronica Zeano that gained popularity with their “Latina Power” tee that came out after the 2016 election. This tee is a public notice for catcallers, machistas, and ignorantes that Latinas are nobody’s property and definitely not anybody’s mamacita. Not Your Mamacita, $30


This Brown Girls Stands For Tee by Brown Badass Bonita

Unidas in the fight against racism and patriarchy this design by Kim Bjanes does the talking for you. She’s the founder of Brown Badass Bonita and her assortment of tops (and prints) is all about pride in the raza and reminding us to ban European beauty standards with brown beauty pride. This Brown Girl Stands For, $25


Mujer Bonita es la que Lucha by Cherimoya Tree Design

From Dolores Huerta to Sonya Sotomayor to Eva Longoria, las mujeres continue to show there’s no injustice we won’t stand up against. Miami-based graphic designer Kimberly Capron Gonzalez’s design is about that fire within that lights our passions. Mujer Bonita es la que Lucha, $28 


Decolonized Body by Nalgona Positive Shop

The self-proclaimed “Xicana-Brown-Indigenous shop for chubby warriors” sells body-positive tees focusing on raising awareness of eating disorders and decolonizing the body. The Nalgona Positive Shop also sells a “Gorda, Nalgona and Xingona” tee modeled by Latinx badass poet Yesika Salgado. Decolonized Body, $27


500 Years of Resilience by Jotx


Through colonization, racism, classism and politics we rise. Jotx Wear, based in Laguna Beach in SoCal, also features “decolonize your mind” and “mi existir es resistir” tees. 500 Years of Resilience, $18
wp_*postsMy Mamá Didn’t Raise No Pendeja by Viva La Bonita

With a strong following on Instagram, you’ve probably come across a Viva La Bonita tee on your feed. In their own words the brand is “inspired by the spirit of the women who are fearless” with every tee promoting Latinx beauty and strength. This one in particular stands out cause our mamis were and are the strongest women we know and how we’ve cultivated our own strength. Mamá Long Sleeve, $38


Why Be Racist Tee by Green Box Shop


Frank Ocean made it famous but Afro-Latina Kayla Robinson made it along with other statement tees that have made her shop a popular stop for those who want to wear their hearts (and beliefs) on their sleeve. Other standouts from Green Box Shop include “Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman” and “Deport Racists.” Why Be Racist, $21

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