10 Latina Feminist Shirts You Need In Your Closet ASAP

When it comes to fashion, some of us prefer to use our outfits as part political statement

Photo: Instagram/miradela

Photo: Instagram/miradela

When it comes to fashion, some of us prefer to use our outfits as part political statement. Sure, we can wear some brand name designer top. Or we can simply use our T-shirts to call out the patriarchy, or racism, or hate in general. What’s even better is that nowadays there are many online shops that cater to these tastes. We can find a T-shirt emblazoned with Frida Kahlo’s likeness or a quote from Angela Davis with relative ease. Personally, I’ve been on a mission to purchase more Latina feminist shirts, so I thought I would share my finds with you all. Let’s make our wardrobes as intersectional as the rest of our feminism, chicas!

Peralta Project


Perlata Project and Taller Peralta (the NY-based brick and mortar shop) are both the creation of contemporary artist M. Tony Peralta. The Dominican artist has made some incredible tees (and prints, and other goods) geared toward the Latinx community, including this dope Afro-latina top.


Jen Zeano Designs

Texas-based designer Jen Zeano is well-known among many Latinx entrepreneurs for her amazing Latinx feminist tees. We can’t create a list without including her gorgeous Latina Power shirts, though.


Martha of Miami

While the tees on this shop mainly resonate with Latinxs from the 305, many are also fairly universal. For example, this rad shirt featuring none other than la reina herself, Celia Cruz. Who wouldn’t want this latina femme icon on their chest?


Bella Dona


Bella Dona is a shop that’s hasta la pata with plenty of Latinx goodies. These matching tops, however, take the cake. Comadres technically translates to “co-mothers” and while we usually reserve that name for godmothers, it’s really just a way to refer to a bestie, especially if she IS really helping you with those mama duties. Goddess knows we could all use a comadre from time to time.


Emma Ginsberg


Emma Ginsberg’s shop may be small, but it’s got some solid Latinx feminist tees. Among them is this tee, inspired by chicana activist Dolores Huerta. Her sign says, “Huelga!” and is a testament to the important work she did as a labor leader and civil rights activist, fighting for the rights of farmworkers around the U.S.



There are many ways to approach feminism, and one is by promoting self-love. And few shirts remind you to do this better than this excellent one by Miradela. We should all remember we are “bonita” but it’s always nice when someone’s shirt reminds you just how bonita you truly are.


La Lucha Sigue


Lucha Latina is actually a non-profit organization focusing on empowering young Latinas via mentorship, networking, and educational scholarships. They also have some great swag, like this La Lucha Sigue tee that would definitely make a great addition to your collection.


Monica Zanetti

Monica Zanetti is an artist and designer creating excellent shirts like this Fierce tee featuring none other than our fave: Frida Kahlo. The Chicago-based mompreneur has successfully placed her tees in a number of shops, including the National Museum of Mexican Art.


Vicio Vintage


This Etsy shop mainly features vintage goodies, but they’ve also got plenty of rad latinx-inspired tees, like this Diosa one. There are a number of others in the shop, and honestly it was hard to pick just one to include in this list. Others I’m especially fond of: “Traviesa,” “La Jefa,” and “Chingona.”


Brown Badass Bonita

This tee is an awesome testament to the beauty of migration (or immigration, for that matter). Brown Badass Bonita’s shop has tons of other dope shirts too, so check out their shop if this one doesn’t speak to you (but c’mon, who wouldn’t be sold on this one?!)

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