10 Christmas Gifts for Kids From Latinx-Owned Brands

Part of the joy of Christmas is giving our loved ones gifts, especially our chiquitos who can’t help their excitement as they unwrap presents


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Part of the joy of Christmas is giving our loved ones gifts, especially our chiquitos who can’t help their excitement as they unwrap presents. If you’re looking to shop Latinx-owned for the little ones in your life, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a children’s book about Latinx holiday traditions, cute bilingual t-shirts, or even affirmation cards to enhance your child’s self-esteem, we have found great gifts for every type of kid on your lists. Here are 10 Latinx-owned fun gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the children who receive them.


Holiday Dolls from Alfie Doll

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Alfie doll creator, Yamile Meza, sells handmade holiday dolls as well as other dolls inspired by our favorite Latinas including Selena and Frida. These dolls are precious keepsakes your child will cherish their entire life and they can be personalized to make it extra special.

Alfie Dolls, prices start at $35, place orders via Instagram DM


Affirmations for Kids Deck from The Salvaged Sawhorse


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Start your kid on the right path to positivity and self-love with the Affirmations for Kids Deck from The Salvaged Sawhorse. Each set comes with 21 cards and four to six dialogue starter questions, challenges, and exercises that will ignite new and fun conversations between you and your child. They’re also available in Spanish.

Affirmations for Kids Deck, $35, available at thesalvagedsawhorse.com


Hola Gata Chica! Coloring Book from The Designing Chica


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If you’re looking for something that will entertain your kid for hours, look no further than the Hola Gata Chica! Coloring Book from The Designing Chica. Kids can get creative and ease stress with each page of La Friducha inspired by her love of all things Hello Kitty. Each book comes with a free sticker which is an added bonus for any kid.

Hola Gata Chica! Coloring Book, $15.99, available at thedesigningchica.com


Holiday Themed Books from Lil’ Libros

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For kids ages zero to 10, these holiday themed books from Lil’ Libros are a fun way for them to learn about different religious holidays. J is for Janucá teaches your little one about the traditions of Hanukkah , Los Tres Reyes Magos will take your child on a magical journey of the three wise men, and Guadalupe: First Words introduces the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe appearing before Juan Diego in the hills of Tepeyac. All books are bilingual with beautiful and colorful illustrations.

Holiday Themed Books, $9.99 – $19.99, available at lillibros.com


Llama Rattle from Artelexia


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There’s something about a giraffe toy that all kids love and we think this soft, hand-crocheted Llama Rattle from Artelexia is a must. Rattles help your baby work on their fine motor skills and improve their cognitive growth. This rattle is suitable for ages three to six months.

Llama Rattle, $16, available at artelexia.com


Bilingual Kids Shirt from Bilingual Drip


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Many of grew up speaking Spanglish and if you’re a new mom you’re probably trying to make sure they speak Spanish. Your child can celebrate and share the words they’re learning  at school, at the park, or at soccer practice! The soft cotton feel and black and white colors make it wearable with any type of bottoms. It’s also perfect for either girls or boys.

Bilingual Kids Shirt, $16, available at etsy.com


Stickers from Hola! Mijas Bonitas


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If you have a kid on your list who has a collection of stickers, help them take it to the next level with these holiday stickers from Hola Mijas Bonitas. These stickers showcase Christmas-themed characters Latinx cultural elements like tamales. Your kids can relate to these cute little characters where each one is unique and beautiful.

Holiday Stickers, $4, available at holamijasbonitas.shop


Dragons Love Tacos Book by Adam Rubin

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Encourage your child’s love of reading with the Dragons Love Tacos book by Adam Rubin. Get ready to explore the fun world of dragons and their love for tacos. You and your child will enjoy the hilarious story and vivid illustrations. This New York Times bestseller is recommended for kids ages two to five.

Dragons Love Tacos Book, $17.66 for a hardcover, available at bookshop.org


Chiquita Bonita Kids Long Sleeve from GRL Collective


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If you’ve got little ones under six years old on your list, then gifting clothing is both cute and fun. When shopping for toddlers, in particular, opt for this Chiquita Bonita Kids Long Sleeve from GRL Collective.  It’s part of a collection that includes “mamacita” and “chiquito” so you can get the full  set.

Chiquita Bonita Kids Long Sleeve, $24, available at grlcollective.com


Concha Stuffies from Axels Tiendita


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Concha Stuffies from Axel’s Tiendita are all the rage for both kids and tweens alike. These super soft and cuddly pillows are collectible and come in a variety of “flavors:” chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cream. Your kids will love finding one of these pan dulces under the tree on Christmas morning.

Concha Stuffies, $7.98, available at etsy.com

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