12 Back to School Must-Have Items with Latinx Style

What better way to send your kids back to school than with tons of confidence? Embracing our Latin heritage and being proud of who we are helps strengthen identity and build self-esteem

Back to School gear Latinx

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What better way to send your kids back to school than with tons of confidence? Embracing our Latin heritage and being proud of who we are helps strengthen identity and build self-esteem. We say back-to-school is the perfect time to let your kids show off their pride in their heritage. It just sets the right tone for the whole year, and each item can serve as a little reminder of who they are for them throughout their school days.

From hoodies and backpacks to water bottles and notebooks, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest Latinx-inspired back-to-school gear for kids to rock with pride as they embark on a brand-new year. We’ve also featured some Latina-owned brands like Vida+Wild, Cielito Lindo, and Quinty Moda because we are all about celebrating Latinx-owned brands. Read on


Selena Backpack

selena backpack hiplatina

Photo: Amazon.com

We couldn’t love this comic book-inspired Selena Quintanilla backpack any more. It’s a gorgeous illustration of the Tejano music legend and the colors are fire. It’s made of lightweight canvas and features adjustable straps and multiple interior pockets including a laptop/tablet pocket so your kiddo can stay as organized as possible and keep all their school gear protected.

Amazon, $34.99wp_*posts

‘Immigrants Made Me’ Pin

immigrants made me pin hiplatina

Photo: vidaandwild.com

Whether your kid adds this “Immigrants Made Me” pin to a backpack, jean jacket, lunchbox or pencil case, it’ll make a clear statement. The thing about acceptance is, it takes exposure and representation to achieve and with a pin like this one, your kiddos friends are sure to begin to understand how valuable immigrants are in America.

Vida + Wild, $25wp_*posts

Calavera Skull Face Mask

sugar skull mask hiplatina

Photo: Etsy/CielitoLindoMex

We didn’t even know a face mask could be this beautiful. This embroidered calavera skull mask will keep your child protected and looking beautiful at the same time. They are handmade by Puebla artisans and even have a filter pocket for added saftey. Plus, they come in tons of colors so you could pick a few for your kiddos to don throughout the school week.

Etsy, $11.99wp_*posts

Chingona Pencils

chingona pencils hiplatina

Photo: Etsy/MISfitted

Remind your hija exactly who she is and what she’s capable of with these super-cute pencils, emblazoned with the word “chingona.” They come in a set of four deep purple colored pencils with the word printed in white with matching white erasers. We think they are an adorable and affordable way to make your girl feel extra special and empowered as she heads back to school.

Etsy, $7.25


“Educated Latino” Sweatshirt

educated latino hoodie

Photo: Etsy/QuintyModa

Most kids would live in cozy sweatshirts and hoodies if they could, so might as well make them impactful. Send your dude off to school in the black hoodie printed with the words “Educated Latino” printed on it, and he’ll feel so proud and confident. This soft top comes in a variety of colors and variations on the phrase, so check out all of the shop’s offerings.

Etsy, $35.32wp_*posts

“Soy Yo” Notebook

soy yo notebook hiplatina

Photo: teepublic.com

Every time your child whips out this notebook to take notes or jot down assignments, they’ll get a mini self-esteem boost. We love the simple self-affirming graphic design, and that the pages of the notebook are lined making it easy to use for kids of any age. Plus, it has a sturdy hardcover so it’s less likely to fall apart in the backpack and it can also be used as a journal.

TeePublic.com, $15wp_*posts

Mija Hoodie

mija hoodie hiplatina

Photo: Amazon.com

With this beautiful hoodie, your daughter will get to wear a piece of her heritage right over her heart, and have a constant reminder of how much you love her. The bright floral design against the black backdrop is beautiful and bold, just like all of our little girls. Plus, it’ll keep her warm and cozy on cool fall days.

Amazon, $31.99


“Show the World” Tee


How adorable would your little one look in this printed t-shirt? We love the powerful statement it makes and that every time our daughters wear it, they’ll be reminded of how important they are, not just to their families, but also to the whole world. They have so much to offer and it’s SO important that they know that.

Vida + Wild, $27wp_*posts

Latinx ASL Tee

latinx tee hiplatina

Photo: Amazon.com

This t-shirt is all about Latinx representation and we’re totally here for it. From the different complexions represented to the fact that it’s spelled out in American Sign Language, we absolutely love it. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes as well, so you’ll be able to get just the right tee for your kiddo. It’s empowering and inclusive and we are here for it and for reminding our kids the importance of unity

Amazon, $19.99wp_*posts

Pan Dulce Laptop Bag

pan dulce laptop bag hiplatina

Photo: Etsy/CreativeApparelUS

Yaasss! That’s right, your kiddo will have no doubt about just how awesome they are when they are toting their laptop around in this sweet bag. It’s not only pretty, it’s also a confidence booster. It features a black interior and a top zipper, and is available in three different sizes to accommodate different laptops.

Etsy, from $30wp_*posts

Taco Dinosaurs Pencil Bag

taco dinosaurs pencil bag

Photo: Etsy/ThreadpoolDesigns

Little ones will have so much fun with this adorable handmade pencil bag. It’s a nice wide size so it can accommodate pencils, crayons or even chunky markers and highlighters. The design features green taco dinosaurs wearing sombreros, avocados, chili peppers and hot sauce so it’s definitely fun and something they’ll get a lot of love from their classmates for.

Etsy, $15wp_*posts

Latina Water Bottle

latina water bottle

Photo: redbubble.com

Might as well just order two of these stainless steel water bottles because you are going to want to use it just as much as your daughter. The retro design is too cute and the pastel colors are perfect for a young child. Plus, it holds a full twenty ounces, so it should be enough to keep your kiddo hydrated until she makes it back home from school.

Red Bubble, $18.88

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