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Meet Djali Brown-Cepeda, the Afro-Latina Preserving Latinx & Black New York

Virginia Isaad
Passion project turned communal emancipation, Nueva Yorkinos, a digital archive of the triumphant lives of Latinx New Yorkers, is a family album too prolific to keep stored away. Exemplifying the rich cultures and walks of life from multiple generations and...

15 Famous Latinxs Who Hail from New York

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
September 21 is National New York Day, where we celebrate the state that gave us hip-hop, Broadway, the best bagels and (arguably) pizza in the nation, chicken and waffles, teddy bears, toilet paper, hot dogs, air conditioning, frozen hot chocolate,...
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This Latina Is Fighting For Her Community By Running For Congress

Yvette Montoya
When something isn’t working out we tend to ask “si sirve o no sirve” which translates literally to “does it serve or doesn’t it serve?” But when was the last time we asked ourselves that about our Congressperson? With Primary...