2018 Mid-Term Elections: 7 Latinas You Should Vote For

According to Emily’s List, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging and supporting women running for office, 2018 is the “Year of the Latina,” so make sure you’re not asleep at the wheel. Right now, we are one of the most underrepresented constituencies in Congress. There are only nine of us in office, one in the Senate, and eight in the House of Representatives. That is a sorry state of affairs ladies. But it’s not so surprising when you consider that Texas, a majority-minority state, has YET to elect a Latina to any congressional office! HOW?! You’ll notice how many Latinas are running this year in the Lonestar state and how this election has a real chance to reshape politics in one of the largest states in the country for years to come. You’ll also notice that all of the candidates highlighted below are running on Democratic tickets because NO PUEDO con Latinxs who think it’s ok to run on the same ticket and in the same party as the current President — a man who has labeled us criminals, rapists, and most recently terrorists. #SorryNotSorry

We are obviously rooting for all the Black and Brown people here so we wanted to put together a special rundown of all of the Latina queens running in the midterm elections that you should vote for. Check it out below and make sure to get out and vote, and bring your mama, your papa, your friends, and your partners to vote too. Where there is a will, there is a way mi gente! So let’s make some history.




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