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25 Times Eva Longoria-Baston Said What We All Wanted To

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Eva Longoria-Baston’s birthday is on March 15, and we thought, what better time than now to celebrate the Tejana from Corpus Christi, who continuously represents for Latinxs in Hollywood and beyond? Not only does Longoria-Baston serve as a constant reminder...

Selena Quintanilla: What’s the Price of Fandom?

Yvette Montoya
The cultural influence of Selena Quintanilla knows no bounds. Our Tejana superstar has lived on for decades after her death with the help of die-hard fans. A full 23 years after her death, Selena’s music remained in the Billboard top 40, a...

Artist Audrya Flores Reworks Recycled Materials to Create Tangible Expression

Audrya Flores combines her paintings with various recycled and discarded materials, collages, assemblages, other embellishments, thick cardboard colored paper rescued from the cafeteria at the school where she teaches, and painting scripts on linens. Ms. Flores attended the University of...