25 Times Eva Longoria-Baston Has Said What We All Wanted to

Eva Longoria-Baston’s birthday is on March 15, and we thought, what better time than now to celebrate the Tejana from Corpus Christi, who continuously represents for Latinxs in Hollywood and beyond? Not only does Longoria-Baston serve as a constant reminder of us in the entertainment world, but she also serves as a wonderful example of a woman who can balance family, friends, and a successful career, and still have the time and drive to give back to her community, be active in politics, and create the change she wants to see in society.

Another thing we love about Eva is that she speaks her mind, and speaks the truth. She uses her platform to say the things that we want to say in a bigger setting and to a larger audience. In fact, here are 25 instances in which Eva Longoria-Baston spoke mad truth without any apology.




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