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These People Won Halloween With Their Selena Costumes

Selena Quintanilla Perez will always be an icon and a source of endless inspiration. It’s no surprise then, that she is a top choice for Halloween costumes this year. We have already talked about Demi Lovato’s amazing homage to the star and of course there are many more incredible versions that we had to give mad props to. Anything for Salenas!

Demi isn’t the only celeb to dress up as the iconic star for Halloween. For an episode of TV show Superstore, actress America Ferrera dons a similar version of the legendary purple jumpsuit and matching bolero jacket that Selena wore in her last concert. Ferrera even has the silver boots on! An added bonus is the voluminous hair and gold microphone.


Brenda Mendoza got Selena’s classic look down perfectly, from her red lips and bold eye makeup, to her acrylic nails and wispy bangs. Her costume was also on point: a great replica of Selena’s white pants and pearl-encrusted bustier look. But this pose is totally similar to Selena in the “La Llamada” video!

Jessica was ON POINT in a memorable Selena look: black hat, black bustier, black pants, and black belt – all rhinestoned out. The fan’s curves made the homage that much more believable – she has a Selana-esque figure!


Boliviana Leighann R. also took the all-white Selena Quintanilla ensemble and made it her own. The 23-year-old even included a Selena quote with her Instagram photo post: “If you have a a dream, don’t let anyone take that away. And always remember that the impossible is always possible.”


We. Cannot. With. This. Cuteness. Little Aria Gabriella obviously has the coolest parents ever, because they dressed the little princesa up as one of the coolest people ever – Selena. This picture is from mom Eileen Nicole Padilla’s Instagram account. Mom even dressed up as Selena too. That’s a family we can root for.


Ramon is a Selena tribute illusionist and the illusion is looking real! Looks he has nailed include the purple jumpsuit, the Amor Prohibido album cover, and this red and black rhinestoned ensemble that Selena wore when she won a Tejano Music Award in 1993.


Speaking of the Amor Prohibido album cover, Diana Osorio has the look down pat. The ribbons falling from the ruffled top, gold hoops, neutral nails, and gilded buttons on the pants added authenticity, but she had fun with the look and made it her own by changing up the lip from a ruby red to a burgundy.

Kelsey C.’s costume spared no detail, including a single red rose and microphone. Selena was known for wearing both mesh tops and sparkly bustiers (which her perplexed and upset father called “busticaca” in the movie Selena – see her hashtag!). Kelsey wore both, with a belt and boots to add that real Selena touch.

We will always give extra points to people talented enough to make their own costumes. This Selena-inspired purple jumpsuit by Crystal Monique Galvez was handmade – in one day – and looks amazing. The extra sparkly fabric also sets her look apart from the more purply versions out there. Yaaaasss queen!

We already love LaLa Romero for bringing us the brand Bella Doña, but then she goes and dress like Selena to perfection, not once, but three times. This look is an homage to the looks Selena wore in both the “No Me Queda Mas” video and at the 1994 Grammy Awards (when she won an award, of course). In a couple of other posts, we see LaLa dressed in the legendary purple jumpsuit, and the iconic all-white, pearl bustier outfit. An homage so nice, she did it thrice!


You have to love a couple who join forces to knock a Halloween theme out of the park. Mariah Genesis looks great in her Selena-esque outfit, consisting of black newsboy hat, stretchy pants, hoop earrings, sparkly bustier, and belt. But she went the extra step, when her boyfriend played the part of one of the cholos who, in the movie Selena, helped the singer and Los Dinos when their tour bus was stranded.