Tapatío Funko Pop! Figure Announced & It’s Everything We’ve Dreamed Of

Funko lovers rejoice! We’re finally getting the Latinx Funko representation we’ve been craving


Art by Stephany Reyes

Funko lovers rejoice! We’re finally getting the Latinx Funko representation we’ve been craving. Well, at least a little bit more than what we had before, there’s still a long way to go but it’s a fun start following the release of the Selena Funko Pop figures. Funko just announced its release of the Tapatío Man, who is known as the face of the hot sauce Tapatío. If you’re not familiar with Funko Pops let me give you the rundown. Funko Pops are adorable vinyl figures of pop culture icons, tv/movie characters, musicians, artists, gaming characters, and more. They’ve become highly collectible and they’re a perfect tangible product for super fans of literally anything and anyone. And although you can find a Funko Pop for almost anything, they’ve been lagging on the Latinx representation for the past few years but things are slowly changing.

You might remember the Selena Funko Pops that sold out quickly when they first launched last year, one with her iconic purple jumpsuit and the other with her white gown from the Grammys. “Funko has made vinyl figures for tons of artists, from the Beatles to Britney Spears, and this has been by far the most sought-after,” Texas-based Bedrock City Comics marketing manager Dylan Dusebout said at the time. Leading up to that fans had been asking for a Selena Pop for YEARS through Twitter and memes. You can still get your own through multiple online sellers like Amazon. It’s a cute gift for any superfan. But after getting one just know that you’ll immediately crave the full collection…you’ve been warned.


Photo: Funko

And fans of the hot sauce could not be more excited! Check out some of the reactions below: 

It does make a great gift for hot sauce lovers. 

Ally wasted no time! 

There’s something about Funko Pops that makes them so damn cute. Maybe the big heads? 

We feel the same way! We’ve got to give it to Tapatío for their exciting and creative collaborations throughout the year. I mean, can we talk about the Tapatío instant ramen? YUM! 

The hot sauce holster? ICONIC. 

And makeup because WHY NOT? 

Tapatío Funko Pop! has dropped for preorder on the Funko website and is also available for preorder on Target and Walmart. This Pop is part of Funko’s Ad Icons collection which includes characters like Ronald McDonald, Mr. Peanut, and the Kool-Aid Man. The Tapatío Funko Pop will be released on July 26.

What Latinx Funko Pop do you want to see released next? 

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