#TBT: 5 Chic ’70s Trends That Are Back

Each week, in a column we call #TBT, we take a look back at the people, places, and things that stood out in Latinx culture

Photo: Instagram/patmcgrathreal

Photo: Instagram/patmcgrathreal

Cher Hair


How long can you go? That seems to be the question lately, as celebs sport extensions down to there, in a total homage to Cher.

Matchy Matchy


Another ’70s trend that is back in full force is wearing matching tops and pants/skirts. The throwback style makes for a streamlined and lengthening look.

Pastel Eyeshadow

The ’70s have proven to be an inspiration for makeup as well. We are back to being bold and adventurous with color. This means that pastel eyeshadow is in vogue again.


Although jumpsuits haven’t really left, they are hotter than ever. They were also hot stuff back in the ’70s.

Denim on Denim


The Canadian tuxedo is popular once again! Denim on denim, as the trend is also referred to, is a ’70s look that is seeing a resurgence. As with jumpsuits and the matching tops/bottoms trend, it offers an easy, monochromatic, and lengthening look.

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