#TBT: 9 Memes That Capture Growing Up Latina

Every week, we take a look back at the people, places, and things that defined Latino culture, in a segment we call #TBT

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Every week, we take a look back at the people, places, and things that defined Latino culture, in a segment we call #TBT. This week, it’s all about those unifying things most of us experienced growing up Latino.

The Latino Cure-All

Latinos everywhere will remember a 2 liter bottle or can of 7-Up on the nightstand and gobs of Vick’s Vapor Rub (a.k.a. VeepVapPorRu) whenever we were sick. We never questioned it, because it always worked.


Frog Butt Will Make It All Better

Being a kid means you would get the usual bumps and scrapes. This is when mom and/or abuelita would say “sana sana colita de rana, si no sana hoy sanarás manana,” while tending to said injury. This is all good and all, but it literally translates to “heal, heal, little tail of the frog. If it doesn’t heal today, it will heal tomorrow.”


LOL at Latina Moms

Being a Latino kid meant that mom was not playing around. This hilarious compilation shows all the things that Latina moms would blurt out whenever we tried their patience.


Don’t Be Rude

Remember the eye rolls whenever we had to greet each and every house party guest? The urge to just run to your room and watch TV? That didn’t happen until everyone knew you were raised right, and knew exactly how to say hello to everyone.



You want to go to McDonald’s and get that cool new toy that’s in the latest Happy Meal. That’s when mami reminds you that there’s food at home. You thought she’d forget this bit of knowledge, but Latina moms don’t forget anything—ever.


Saturdays are para Limpiar

Latina moms can work a full time job and raise an entire family, but you know, like clockwork, that early Saturday morning, they will be cleaning the entire house. A soundtrack is usually provided, and you are expected to help. Unless you want to be reminded that you don’t help.


The Only Volume is Loud

My theory on Latinos yelling on the phone is that this comes from the poor quality of phone calls to the motherland back in the day. And/or we are just loud AF. Either way, more often than not, you have heard your family yell on the phone when it’s absolutely not necessary, and absolutely embarassing.


Our 100 Tios and Tias


You know you’re Latino when you have either 100 biological tios and tias, 100 honorary tios and tias, or a combination of both. Then, you have to explain all the intricate family relationships to your friends and novio.


Latina Mom/Abuelita Medical Logic

As with Vick’s Vapor Rub and 7-Up curing illness, Latina moms and abuelitas have been passing down medical knowledge that we don’t question (or do), and just follow. This includes not walking barefoot, going out/sleeping with wet hair, and ever leaving without a jacket, because it will lead to an instant cold or flu.


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