12 Salsa Songs That Need to Be on Your Cleaning Day Playlist

Growing up in a Latino household, you are probably pretty familiar with this Saturday morning ritual: You wake up and hear Salsa music playing loudly in the house? What’s this? Oh, that’s right, it’s the weekend ritual almost every Latino kid knows… Mami playing Salsa music while everyone sets about the task of cleaning the house. And while you might not completely love it, it’s okay to admit that listening to Salsa music is still one of your favorite things to do when cleaning your own house as an adult.

The truth is that spring cleaning is just around the corner and that’s a perfect time to get back into old, great habits. I don’t love this time of year, since I know it means some serious deep cleaning, but I know that it’s absolutely necessary. After all, the house doesn’t clean itself, does it? Thankfully, we all know the trick to having some actual FUN while cleaning: Salsa music! While these songs won’t get you in the mood for sexy times, they WILL get you in the mood to put on those bright yellow gloves and get to scrubbing. Here are just 12 of our favorites for your spring cleaning playlist. But, trust me, there’s so many more you’ll want to be grooving to soon enough.

1. “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony

His AH-mazing anthem to having a good life will surely stand the test of time.




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