#TBT: 7 Old School Latino Stars Who Americanized Their Names

Latinos have not always been well-received in Hollywood and other arenas of fame (one can argue that we still aren’t, as there is a long way to go to see real, equal representation by Latinos). Imagine how it was 50 years ago; many artists felt there was no other choice but to Anglicize or completely change their Latino names in order to be accepted by the world at large, and share their talents. The following are seven old-school Latino musicians and actors who changed their names on the road to fame.

Ritchie Valens

Born Richard Steven Valenzuela, we know him better as Rock ‘n’ Roll superstar Ritchie Valens. Although he Americanized his name, he repped for Mexicanos and Chicanos everywhere when he released one of his biggest hits, “La Bamba,” in 1958.




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