The 5 Best Online Communities For Female Travelers

PROM digital Nomad HipLatinaTraveling with friends and family can be a lot of fun but solo travel has really taken off in recent years and for good reason! Traveling alone can be empowering in so many ways. It gives you a chance to assert your independence and experience the world on your terms. Let’s face it, not being obligated to accommodate other people or getting sucked into making plans that you don’t want to take part in, is pretty damn liberating.

But I think we can all agree that the point of traveling is to immerse yourself in new cultures and open yourself up to new experiences and one way to find these IRL experiences and communities is to first find one online.

I know, I know, most of the benefits of traveling come from disconnecting and distancing yourself from what’s familiar, so rest assured that the irony of using social media to improve upon your globe trotting escapades isn’t lost on me. But I would be doing you, dear reader, a disservice if I didn’t point out just how amazing these online communities can be for helping you build itineraries, feel at home wherever you go and truly make the most of your time abroad.

And while there are countless Facebook groups and Instagram pages that you can follow, they’re not all created equal. Here are the top five groups that I urge you to join before you take your next trip:

Girl Gone International

GGI started out as a lifeline for expat women around the world. It’s gone from being a social meetup group to a full on movement with chapters in 140 cities globally. While the main group is very active, each city has its own subgroup where you can post questions, look for a place to live and generally build rapport with other international women who’ve also caught the travel bug. You don’t have to be an expat, you can just be passing through, but these are the groups to join if you want to feel like you have a home away from home in whatever city you end up in.




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