28 Things That Only Colombians Can Relate To

IG: @SofiaVergara

September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month and that means having a whole 30 days to go even harder in our love, appreciation, and celebration of all things Latinx. While we will be covering a lot of things that encompass Latinidad across the board, we also wanted to give individual shout-outs to those Latin American countries and cultures that have hella representatives here in the U.S.

Being Colombian, of course, I have a pretty good idea of what’s essentially considered totally Colombian. I’m talking like, really Colombian. These are the identifiers that fill us with pride, make us laugh, and even annoy or upset us at times. But that’s all part of what makes Colombians ⁠— Colombians. Read on to learn a little more about our culture, or to get a good dose of orgullo Colombiano!




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