Texas Baker Created a Tide Pod Concha That You Can Actually Eat

The Tide pod challenge is dangerous, as are most radical online challenges that go viral

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Photo: Instagram/cakesbyjandy

The Tide pod challenge is dangerous, as are most radical online challenges that go viral. The idea that people, mostly teens, would eat detergent is completely insane. Like how is this fun? It’s ridiculous and silly, but lots of things that people do for viral intentions are.

There is one kind of Tide pod that is safe to eat, however. A baker based in San Antonio, Texas, created a Tide pod-inspired concha and it’s a pretty genius move.

Joe Andy Garcia, the creative baker, playfully said: “I’m ready for laundry day… Tide Pod any one? *Warning: Please do NOT eat tide pods, thank you*”

This concha looks just like the real Tide pod!

It started off as joke,” Garcia told the San Antonio Express-News, “really because I had seen some (Tide Pod) cookies on a Facebook post. Since I do conchas, I was pretty sure I could make this.”

Joe isn’t the first baker to redo the cleaning product into real consumption. Several bakeries have doughnut inspired by the challenge.

We just kind of put out the post as just a funny alternative to a more serious topic,” Trista Patterson, owner of Hurts Donut told an NBC affiliate. “We see so much heavy stuff every day that we’re just putting a little lighter approach on a serious subject.”

Some people, however, don’t think making light of this dangerous challenge is funny.

“I’m sad people think this is so funny. So what if there is a size difference. This is bad. Children are going to see these and associate them with Tide Pods,” a person said on Facebook, according to KSNW, while another said “This is uncalled for.”

If you’re thinking about running to this panaderia to order the concha, think again. Joe is a local baker that works from home, which means he only makes custom orders.

We’re curious about trying one. Are you?


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