7 Tips to Bake the Best Cakes

Baking a cake is easy for the most part

7 Tips To Bake The Best Cakes HipLatina

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Baking a cake is easy for the most part. Simply measure the ingredients, follow the instructions, bake, and cool. Sounds easy right? Well, sometimes things don’t go as expected. We’ve all spoilt a seemingly easy cake recipe at some point. Check out our 7 tips to avoid simple mistakes and take your cake, from good to great.

  1. Use exact quantities.

    Make sure to use the exact quantities called for in the recipe. Baking is a precise art and accuracy in the measurements will be key to having a great end result.

  2. Use ingredients at room temperature.

    Use your ingredients at room temperature, especially butter and eggs. When butter is at room temperature it mixes easier into the recipe and allows for homogenous lump-free dough. Room temperature eggs grow in size when beaten.

  3. Quality matters.

    Use high quality ingredients. Your end result will taste better if you use fresh, good quality ingredients.

  4. Know when to mix.

    Mix butter and sugar well before adding other ingredients. They should have a light yellow color and a silky texture.

  5. Stick with butter.

    Use butter and not margarine as butter is the best type of fat to use in baking. You’ll notice the flavor is superior compared to other fats.

  6. Mix like you mean it.

    Mix your batter well and consistently. Otherwise, an inconsistent mixing could affect the texture of the cake as well as its growth.

  7. Don’t be scared to get greasy.

    Make sure you grease the mold where you will place your cake to bake. Add parchment paper in the bottom to avoid the batter sticking to the mold.

This article was republished with permission from Hispanic Kitchen.

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