Coronavirus Update: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive

As we try to assess the coronavirus outbreak, one thing that’s become very clear is that life will be very different for the next couple of weeks

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As we try to assess the coronavirus outbreak, one thing that’s become very clear is that life will be very different for the next couple of weeks. Last night, as President Donald Trump announced a confusing message about a travel ban from Europe, news broke that actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have both been affected by the coronavirus. 

In a social media post, Hanks announced that he tested positive while working on a film in Australia. 

Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the coronavirus and were found to be positive.

Well, now. What to do next? The Medical Officials have protocols that must be followed. We Hanks’ will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?

We’ll keep the world posted and updated.

Take care of yourselves!


While we know that no one is immune to the coronavirus, the news about Hanks and his wife puts a different perspective on the situation. Yes, everyone is susceptible to this virus, but hearing that a Hollywood legend has the illness is extremely scary, primarily because of his age. Hanks, who is 63 years old, is a lot more vulnerable to this virus than most. 

As we know, older people are at risk of being seriously sick from the coronavirus. However, we previously thought that applied to senior citizens. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that vulnerability goes for anyone over the age of 60. 

“People ages 60 and up are at higher risk of novel coronavirus infection,” CNN reports. “Symptoms include fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing, and it’s primarily spread between people. Here’s how older adults can prepare and protect themselves from the novel coronavirus. This guidance comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Drs. Carla Perissinotto and Samir Sinha, both geriatricians.”

CNN and the CDC have released a convenient guide on how people of this age group can protect themselves. The main takeaway from this that anyone can contract this virus, and it’s especially critical that we take care of our personal health and those around us. 

Also, in regards to the Europe travel ban, starting Friday at midnight, 26 European countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, will face travel restrictions. Click here to learn more. 

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