Tony Peralta’s “J.Lo Con Rolos” Just Made Our Tuesday

Tony Peralta never ceases to amaze me

Photo: Instagram/peraltaprjct

Photo: Instagram/peraltaprjct

Tony Peralta never ceases to amaze me. The Dominican-American uptown artist and graphic designer’s artwork always leave me feeling a little nostalgic. His work is super reflective of Latin urban culture combined with relevant pop culture references. When he’s not designing T-shirts and hoodies that speak to the Dominican Uptown experience, he’s serving up his ever so popular Rolos & Icons posters usually inspired by Latina legends like Celia Cruz, Frida Kahlo, or most recently — our girl Jennifer Lopez.

If you’re Dominican or Puerto Rican living in NYC, chances are you’re very familiar with Peralta’s Rolos & Icons posters. You’ve probably seen or own one of the Selena, Iris Chacon, La Lupe, Celia Cruz, or Frida Con Rolos posters by now. He recently dropped a Daria Con Rolos one that he eventually turned into a T-shirt. I’d like to think it was because of my own personal request. Peralta has practically become the Dominican Andy Warhol of our generation. He’s been around for a while now but in a way, he’s just getting started.

Photo: peraltaprjct

Photo: peraltaprjct

His latest: J.Lo Con Rollos which is everything you could imagine but more. Unlike the other icons in his Con Rolos collection, Peralta made a point to make J.Lo’s a full body design, in efforts to show off the famous Versace dress she wore at the 2000 Grammy Awards. It’s straight up fire! Though I’m not sure how he’d fit this on a T-shirt. He’d probably have to make her tiny.

Peralta revealed his latest work on art on Instagram on Monday.

“JLO Con Rolos (Whatever opinion you might have about Ms. Lopez, she’s managed to stay relevant in her 20+ career). I finished this piece today and started my journey to create new work for a new exhibit TBD,” he captioned a photo of him standing by his art.

It makes sense he’d include Lopez in this collection considering she is practically a legend at this point. I also can’t think of a better way to have displayed her than with that famous Versace gown. We can’t wait to hear more about this gallery exhibition!

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