Are You A Wonder Woman? Now You Can Dress Like One!

If you consider every single thing that women endure on a daily basis — it’s obvious that we are just like Wonder Woman. From getting catcalled to dealing with a tremendous amount of work at the office, and even more work at home, we are just like super heroes! So it makes sense that Torrid would release a Wonder Woman collection. Yup, you heard that right.


In honor of the new film Wonder Woman out on June 2, the plus-size fashion company released a new this incredible collection that totally fits our personality.

We are loving this Wonder Woman collection even more because body positivity model Roxy Reyes is modeling the line. Check it out!

This one is our personal favorite:

And the jacket is everything!!

As you can see, the line isn’t cheesy nor are they costumes. The collection is for the modern-day woman and is wearable. You won’t feel like you’re in cosplay heading towards Comic Con. It’s real everyday clothes.

In an email to Bustle, Reyes said that working for Torrid was more than just another modeling gig.

“Modeling for the Her Universe for Torrid Wonder Women Collection was such an empowering experience,” Reyes said. “I had the honor to dress up and be Wonder Woman for a day and represent women who are superheroes in their everyday lives.”

Torrid has also released a Fantastic Beasts collection, a Harry Potter-themed clothing line, and even a plus-size Hello Kitty collection.

Prices for the Wonder Woman collection range between $38 to $90. That affordability is really speaking to us right now. For more looks, visit the Torrid website.