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Trump Issues New Immigration Ban On Hitler’s Birthday

Yesterday, President Donald Trump issued a new executive order that would prohibit immigrants from entering the United States to live and work. Interestingly enough, the order was released late last night — on April 20 — which is known for honoring weed but also happens to be Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Yikes!

The immigration ban isn’t anything new for the Trump administration. It’s something the president’s been pushing for but didn’t have reasoning for making the executive decision until now, thanks to the coronavirus. He’s already banned asylum seekers, citing the pandemic as a justifiable reason to do so. But this new move, which many credit Stephen Miller, the president’s senior adviser, as the “architect” behind the executive order, is also known for being a white supremacist.  

So is it any surprise that an immigration ban would come on Hitler’s birthday? People on social media put the two and two together fast. 

“Suspending immigration on Hitler’s birthday is the kind of thing Stephen Miller would dream up,” someone tweeted. “Wow, Trump actually did announce his immigration ban on Hitler’s birthday! Coincidence? I don’t know, but the policy is a nod to white supremacists like Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon. Their long term goal is to maintain America’s white majority,” another tweeted.

This new law is just what we expect from this administration, so we’re not all surprised. What is fascinating is that ban or no ban, immigrant workers don’t want to come to the United States anyway, not with Trump as the president. The Times reports that “The number of visas issued to foreigners abroad looking to immigrate to the United States has declined by about 25 percent in the past three years, to 462,422 in the 2019 fiscal year, from 617,752 in 2016.” In other words, ever since Trump became president, immigrant workers are looking elsewhere for their new “American Dream.” 

Under the new executive order, the ban would mean that the U.S. “would no longer approve any applications from foreigners to live and work in the United States for an undetermined period of time.” So if you’re already here, and an immigrant, you are not going to be deported. However, what does this mean when it is time to renew your paperwork? It remains unclear. However, we don’t see how the legal system, including immigrant advocates, will not present lawsuits against the government, as they have in the past when the president attempts to do unconstitutional things.