These Are The 8 Most Trusted Latin American Baby Brands

As moms, we feel that the most important thing we can do for our babies is to give them the best of everything. Whether it’s through the foods they eat that will make them strong kids or the bath products that will keep them healthy and happy. When it comes to our own children, we want the brands we trust will get the job done right, every time.

As Latina moms, we understand the value of listening to our own families – especially when it comes to what is best for our children. We trust their opinion just as much as any review on Amazon – after all, they raised us to be fabulous women – and we know that their insight guide the decisions we ultimately make.

A recent study by Ipsos measured the disconnect between many new generation parents and baby brands, stating that only 31% of new parents said advice received from brands was helpful, while up to 37% said it was unhelpful, overwhelming, annoying, or condescending. With so many new faces in the baby market, it can be hard for parents to know which brand is right for their babies. So naturally, many of us turn to our families, for advice on what we should use.

We ultimately want to make the best choices for our children and we want to know the products we choose for them are safe, reliable and timeless. These eight baby products are beloved around Latin America.

Talco Melody

8 Most Trusted Latin American Baby Brands HipLatina

This brand, a favorite in South America – especially Venezuela and Colombia – has stood the test of time. Since 1933, Valebron Co. has been dedicated to the production of products for family and home, including their famous baby powder.

Having a pink or blue baby powder bottle in your nursery has been a “must” in many lists prior to baby’s arrival. It has even been considered a decoration accessory in a baby’s room!




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