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7 Healthy and Refreshing Summer Salad Options to Enjoy on a Hot Day

Rebounding from a hot summer weekend all I want to do is have a healthy, easy, and tasty salad. Many of us search online for simple recipes and the tried and true food and recipes sites turn up with great recipes, however, my new “go to” search is on Instagram. Chefs, home chefs, and many of us moms who are trying to reduce our calorie intake without suffering through only eating a bland bowl of lettuce. I am convinced if the salad looks pretty and beautiful it will taste 100 percent better. Here are the top trending #summersalad pictures on Instagram and a few of our own healthy recipes.


This simple spinach salad has been jazzed up with fresh raw cherries.

Wow, this meatless Monday salad does look epic from the description.

A nice refreshing salsa de fresas for a hot summer day. Recipe here.

HipLatina #summersalad recipe

Tasty As Heck is my favorite on Instagram for beautiful food images that represent healthy ingredients and eating.

Best salad video on Instagram.

This is always my potluck “go to” favorite summer salad that is a foundation for many fun and different salad concoctions. Recipe here.

Homemade Mexican Corn Salad
Homemade Mexican Corn Salad with Cilantro Lime and Cheese