‘Vida’ Season 2 Episode 8: The Search for San Cha

Last time on Vida, Emma and Eddy were clashing over painting over the bar’s mural

Photo: Instagram/vida_starz

Photo: Instagram/vida_starz

Last time on Vida, Emma and Eddy were clashing over painting over the bar’s mural. Seeing as we open with the mural being painted over in the opening credits, it’s obvious who won that battle. But has Emma finally forgiven Lyn for her financial transgressions? And what’s the deal with Nico and Emma’s potentially more-than-friendship? Let’s find out:

Remember how Lynn was “in charge” of booking music at Vida? Looks like Emma’s taking matters into her own hands. At Nico’s suggestion, the pair head to an after party where musician San Cha will be performing. Emma wants to see them for herself to potentially book for later. Lyn wants to go too, but Emma shuts that down. Never one to be alone, Lyn finds refuge at Marcos’ place. Here, she discovers an important detail: Marcos used to date San Cha! He claims he can get them in to the party. Lyn figures she can pitch the idea of playing at Vida before Emma does. 

Emma clearly feels out of her element in this artsy, alternative scene. Nico, however, keeps her grounded enough to go inside. At one point Emma gets cornered by a creep, but Nico comes to rescue. Meanwhile, Lyn and Marcos are in a different area of the party, having a much different experience. Marcos gives Lyn some Molly to “enhance” the evening. The bad news is it causes Lyn to want to find her sister, even more, to make amends.

Nico and Emma find themselves immersed in an art installation of a clitoris. They’re laughing. They’re rolling around in a ball pit. It even looks like they might finally kiss. Who should show up at entirely the wrong moment though but Lil Sis, rolling and racked with guilt? Emma won’t hear it, though. She shuts out her sister and does her best to push down her feelings and move forward with the night. She’s got a job to do in scouting out San Cha, after all. 

Nico’s not having it, though. She finally calls Emma out on her nonsense — which leads Emma to pull even further away, and out onto a rooftop for a smoke. And while they finally begin to see eye to eye again after a talk, they accidentally get locked out of the warehouse and find themselves stuck outside. By the time they find another way back into the event, it’s too late. San Cha’s gone. But it doesn’t all end badly: Nico brings her back to her place, and while things don’t progress too much, by the end of the episode, the girls are happily spooning in Nico’s bed. About damn time.

As for Lyn, she ends up getting kicked out of the show after she semi-accidentally pees into an art installation at the party. We feel you, Lyn. Those bathroom lines are always way too long. She finds herself out on the street and sends Johnny a video of herself because, well, she’s Lyn. Of course, who should show up within minutes but Johnny, the reluctant knight in shining armor? She apologizes to him for all the messes she’s put him in, and of course, he eats it all up. In a totally unsurprising move, the pair end up having sex in the back of his pickup truck. But wait, what about Councilman Rudy? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out till next time.

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