9 Uses for Vinegar at Home HipLatina

Vinegar To The Rescue! 9 Awesome Ways You Can Use It at Home

The list of vinegar uses is almost endless. Cleaning the house has never been easier. Did you know that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of products in order to make your kitchen smell clean and crystal clear? Just head over to your cupboard and find a vinegar bottle. Here are nine different uses for vinegar you won’t believe.

Leave your greasy skillets as good as new.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

Pour some vinegar on the greasy area. Boil it and rinse. Yes! It’s that easy. You’re welcome.

Remove the wrinkles off your clothes.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

Spray some vinegar on your wrinkly clothes and let it rest for a few minutes. After a while, you’ll notice most of the wrinkles are gone.

Catch fruit flies.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

Nothing like an invasion of fruit flies to make the house feel like a hazard. Get a small bowl, pour some apple cider vinegar into it, and cover it up. Then poke holes on the lid. Best. Bug trap. Ever.

Clean off the sticky residue a sticker leaves on a fridge.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

This is one of the best vinegar uses. Cover the area in vinegar and remove the gooey substance effortlessly. Those stickers from childhood are now gone!

Get rid of the trash can smell.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

Grab a loaf of bread, spray it with vinegar and let it sit on the bottom of the trash can overnight. Don’t believe us? Try it. It works like magic!

Protect your furniture from pet fur.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

Pets are lovely. Just, not on the couch. Spray some vinegar on your furniture and forget about your cat climbing back on it ever again!

Make your flowers last longer.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

A house always smells better with flowers. Place them in a vase with vinegar and water and give them longer life.

Unclog your drain.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

Get a hold of a cup of baking soda, and pour it inside the clog. Add vinegar. After the foam is gone, rinse with hot water. And voila! The clog is gone. Vinegar has once again saved the day!

Make your own all-cleaning mix.

10 Awesome Uses for Vinegar HipLatina

Always have a bottle of vinegar close by. When in need of it, pour the vinegar into another bottle, fill the rest of it with water, and add a little dish soap. Behold your new home-made cleaning solution.

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