Selena Quintanilla
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15 Vintage Photos of Latina Celebs That Give Us Serious Style Inspiration

Style goals are all about looking carefree and fabulous at the same time. When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to feel like you’re trying too hard, but you also don’t want to look sloppy and like you didn’t put thought into your look. You want easy and breezy outfits that also happen to look amazing.

We wanted to inspire some ensembles with some great old school, vintage photos featuring some of our favorite Latina celebs. The pics range from the 1930s to 1990s, and each packs some serious beauty or fashion inspo that you can pluck an idea (or several) from. Feel free to mix and match the ideas from different decades, to create something totally new. Take a look and get shopping!

Dolores del Rio, 1930s

Mexican film star Dolores del Rio knew how to dress to make her dark hair and eyes pop. She often donned bright white garments that created a gorgeous contrast against her black hair, dark brown eyes, and black eyeliner. Like this off-the-shoulder white dress with fun fringe, matching flowers in the hair, and sparkling white diamonds.

Lupe Velez, 1930s

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Remembering actress, singer, and dancer Lupe Velez (1908-1944), who passed away 74 years ago today 😞🙏🏼💖. Born in Mexico to a prominent family, Velez began to take an interest in dance while attending boarding school in Texas. After her family lost their financial stability in the Mexican Revolution, she returned home where she eventually started dancing in various stage productions. Making a name for herself as a performer in Mexico, she was ultimately recruited to Hollywood where she made her screen debut in 1927. Named a WAMPAS Baby Star of 1928, her screen credits would include films like “The Gaucho” (1927), “Stand and Deliver” (1928), “Tiger Rose” (1929), “Hot Pepper” (1933), “Gypsy Melody” (1936), “Stardust” (1938), and “Naná” (1944). Borrowing a nickname she had earned in the press for her fiery temper, she also starred in the “Mexican Spitfire” series of films from 1940-1943. Velez was married to swimming champion turned actor Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984) from 1933-1939. She also had a number of high profile romances with actors like John Gilbert (1897-1936) and Gary Cooper (1901-1961). In the fall of 1944, she was involved with an actor named Harald Ramond (1916-1986) when she discovered she was pregnant. The couple quickly became engaged, but an argument that December led to a breakup. In an era when unwed pregnancy meant both personal and professional disaster, Velez apparently saw no way out of this predicament. On the evening of December 13, 1944, she had dinner with friends. In the early morning hours of December 14, with her hair perfectly coiffed, her makeup impeccably applied, and wearing her finest dress (or nightgown, accounts vary), she downed a bottle of Seconal pills and washed them down with a glass of brandy. Lupe Velez passed away shortly thereafter at just 36 years old 😞🙏🏼💖. #lupevelez #rip #gonetoosoon #gonebutnotforgotten #gonebutneverforgotten #oldhollywood #vintagehollywood #classichollywood #classicactress #vintageactress #latinaactress #oldhollywoodactress #classicbeauty #vintagebeauty #oldhollywoodbeauty #latinabeauty #themexicanspitfire #theydontmakeemlikethatanymore

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Another Mexicana who made her mark in Hollywood in the ’30s is Lupe Velez. This entire outfit, most likely from that decade, has so many layers of inspiration. First, you have her beautiful waves and her natural bob haircut. Then, you have a pretty summer-perfect dress with flutter sleeves and an oversized floral print. Finally, there are great accessories: cut-out, T-strap shoes, and just-right jewelry.

Carmen Miranda, 1940s

Carmen Miranda became iconic, partly for her vibrantly-colored, cheery, in-you-face wardrobe and super bold accessories, which included fruit, flowers, leaves, head wraps, layers of jewelry, and these sky-high platforms. Her shoes were statement pieces, decorated to the hilt, and so much fun.

Rita Moreno, 1950s


Rita Moreno is an inspiration for her talent, achievements, accomplishments, and intellect. But she has also always been stunning, with fab style. This 1950s photo features the Puerto Rican icon in a fun, ruffly bikini that would look amazing today. A glamorous red lip and matching slides complete this old school, yet also timeless, look.

María Félix, 1956

María Félix is legendary as much for her unique, extra style as for her acting work and beauty. She was the one who famously commissioned snake, panther, and alligator jewelry from Cartier. This particular look from Felix would be a fun, throwback outfit to wear this summer, plus it includes two colors on-trend for 2019: Ibiza Blue and Fiesta!

Lola Falana, 1970s


Afro-Cubana Lola Falana was so successful during her sparkling career that she was named The First Lady of Las Vegas. Her fame came with tons of endorsements and photoshoots, like this summery one featured in a playbill for the show Doctor Jazz (which opened in 1975). The colors are so vibrant, and the look is so effortless yet stylish.

Raquel Welch, 1970s


Raquel Welch was such a beauty of the ’70s, and she had the style to match. This boho chic outfit is puro hippie summer goals. You have the stylish choker and earrings which glam up the look, the boho printed dress with girly peplum and puff sleeves, and a cool belt and boots to complete it all.

Bianca Jagger, 1970s

When you think of ’70s disco glam, you think of Nicaraguan glamazon Bianca Jagger. She has always known how to dress very stylishly while making it all look like a breeze. This outfit from the ’70s shows Bianca in a glamorous head wrap and one-shouldered printed dress, both in a soothing tropical blue. An armful of bangles and the perfect pose finish the style moment.

Lynda Carter, 1970s

When you think of ’70s disco glam, you think of Nicaraguan glamazon Bianca Jagger. She has always known how to dress very stylishly while making it all look like a breeze. This outfit from the ’70s shows Bianca in a glamorous head wrap and one-shouldered printed dress, both in a soothing tropical blue. An armful of bangles and the perfect pose finish the style moment.

Gal Costa, 1970s


During the 1970s, Brazilian music icon Gal Costa was complementing her voice and music with stylish, relaxed outfits. And her hair has always been her glorious crown. Just look at this fabulous look from the ’70s. Voluminous curls, accented with vibrant red flowers — with lipstick to match!

Mariah Carey, 1990s

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You know ’90s Mariah was so fly. She owned the minimalist yet sexy look, wearing neutral mini dresses and other such outfits, like this one. Mimi is rocking a white tube top and matching skirt, with a beige sweater casually tied around her waist. This is a look that if worn today, would also be super on-trend.

Selena, 1990s

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We can dedicate an entire article to Selena Quintanilla’s style (and of course, we have). There are so many iconic looks she created that are copied today. This one from the ’90s is so cool. You have a colorful neon (a trend right now!) bikini topped by a boxy, cool, boyish, and throwback mesh tee. It’s the perfect balance between girly and tomboyish, sexy and covered up.

Christy Turlington, 1990


Whether it’s on the runway, in the pages of magazines, or her model-off-duty style, you can always count on Salvadorian supermodel Christy Turlington to deliver. On the cover, and in the pages of May 1990’s British Vogue she showed us how to execute luxe swimwear glam. In this look, you have a stunning swimsuit with graphic lines and cutouts. As if that wasn’t stylish enough, you also have the addition of a dramatic, striped wrap, a wide-brimmed hat, sunnies, and chic slingbacks.

Helena Christensen, 1990s


Peruana supermodel Helena Christensen was another big fashion name in the ’90s. Here, she is modeling on the runway for Michael Kors. This entire look would be totally on-trend today. From the half ponytail to the ’90s makeup, to the oversized blazer and bandeau, it’s all 1990s and all fabulous.

Brandi Quinones, 1990s

Our final fab look comes from ’90s Afro-Cuban-Puerto-Rican model Brandi Quinones. For summer, and beyond, we would rock this whole beauty look. The cute half updo that showcases natural curls, the rosy-brown ’90s makeup, and the ’60s spiky babydoll lashes!