30 Stylish Products Any Devout Selena Quintanilla Fan Would Love

March 31 marks the date when superstar Chicana Selena Quintanilla-Perez left this world



March 31 marks the date when superstar Chicana Selena Quintanilla-Perez left this world. It has been 24 years, but we still honor and celebrate her life until this day. In fact, some of the ways we keep her memory alive are by blasting Quintanilla’s greatest hits whenever we can and repping her through with all kinds of cool and stylish items. Seriously, think about how many Selena items you probably own or wish to own. The list is probably endless.

You can find Selena-inspired items everywhere, from T-shirts with her image to adorable mugs, and accessories. Let’s face it,  if it has to do with Selena, chances are we’ll want to buy it. That’s just the effect the Queen of Tejano still has on our lives.

In honor of how awesome Selena Quintanilla-Perez will always be, we are celebrating the icon and legend’s life and legacy by sharing some of those extra-special items that represent the iconic artist. Check them out and enjoy!


Plus Size Selena Graphic Tee, by Forever 21

As we have previously reported, Forever 21 came through with its Forever 21 x Selena: White Rose Collection. The line of clothing and accessories dropped in time to honor the 22nd anniversary of the film, Selena. We’re totally loving this Selena graphic tee, that features six different photos of the star, surrounded by fun pops of spring colors. This cute shirt is also available in smaller sizes, but we don’t know how long any of them are going to be in stock. We’re surprised any of the collection is still available online and in stores! Because you know when a store gets Selena merch, it’s going to fly off the shelves.

Available at Forever 21, $19.90


Selena Enamel Pin, by OUIOUI REMY


There are a ton of Selena pins on the market. It seems like a new one is being made every day (and they probably are!). But not all Selena Quintanilla-Perez enamel pins are created equal. Some have the essence of the icon, but maybe the lines are a little wonky, or the face isn’t Selena enough. No thanks! If we are going to buy and wear a Selena pin, it should look like this one by OUIOUI REMY. There is so much detail packed into a small pin, from her hair to her pearl bustier, to the actual 3-D pearl earrings!

Available at OUIOUI REMY, $15.50


“Muy Excited” Balloons, by ExVotoDesigns

Photo: ExVotoDesigns/Etsy

The great thing about Selena’s legacy is that it continues from generation to generation. You will see party supplies and invitations for Selena-themed birthday parties for little girls. What better role model and princess to look up to than a real-life, inspirational one like Selena?! These “muy excited” balloons are perfect for a kid’s party, but just as rad for any grownup celebration, like birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, etc. Why should the kids have all the fun? We like balloons too, and especially when they have to do with Selena! You can purchase these balloons individually, or in a bundle like this.

Available at ExVotoDesigns, $12.50


Selena Tumblers/Mugs, by Pretty in Pink Cups

Photo: Pretty in Pink Cups/Etsy

Face it. The majority of us need coffee to even get our day started. For a lot of folks, tt’s not a luxury — it’s a necessity. But why not make the entire routine way more fun and pretty?! These mugs and tumblers are a bit pricey but so worth it. Designed by PrettyPinkCups, on Etsy, these mugs are handmade and come in a rich purple glitter color (the singer’s signature shade) and features a gorgeous illustration of Selena. The best  part is, that you have a variety to choose from — a 20oz. tumbler, a 30oz. tumbler, a tumbler mug, or a ceramic mug. A handmade mug that you can completly customize, now that might be a few extra bucks, no?

Available at PrettyPinkCups, $36-$60


Selena H-E-B Tote

Photo: CelebDecor by Veronica

H-E-B is a San-Antonio-based supermarket chain, with hundreds of stores within the state of Texas, and Mexico. Last year, they released a reusable shopping tote for $2, featuring Selena Quintanilla-Perez, with proceeds going to charity. They flew off the shelves in a matter of hours and later popped up online for way more than they were purchased for. I was super stoked to find a Selena H-E-B bag online, and for only $8! This is a great bag, not only because Selena is on it, but because you can use these bags for everything! It makes for the perfect shopping bag while also standing out from the rest.

Available at CelebDecor by Veronica, $8


Selena Poster by Niña Fresa Studio

Photo: Niña Fresa Studio/Etsy

If you want to add some Bidi-Bidi-Bom-Bom-like excitement and flair to your office, dorm room, or any room in your home, we found the coolest art piece for you. This Selena print, by Niña Fresa Studio, on Etsy features Selena’s favorite, signature color, purple, the star in one of her iconic outfits, and the title of one of her biggest, and best-known and loved hits, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” We like how unique yet how recognizable this post is. You could tell it’s Selena the minute you look at it. The print is available in 8.5 x 11 inches, and 11 x 17 inches.

Available at Niña Fresa Studio, $12-$15


Lil’ Libros The Life of/La Vida de Selena Book

Photo: Lil’ Libros

Selena’s legacy continues because of how fans have shared her music with younger generations. Moms share it with their daughters, nieces, friends, and more. A whole new generation of Selena fans is constantly being birthed and it warms our hearts to see the queen of Tejano continue to be honored. Just think of all the youngins who weren’t even born yet when Selena was around, listening to her hits like die-hard fans. It’s amazing! This Lil’ Libros book about Selena Quintanilla-Perez shows that it’s never too soon to introduce the littlest future Selena fans to the timeless estrella.

Available at Lil’ Libros, $9.99


Selena Snapback, by Q Productions

Photo: Q Productions

You know we had to dip into the only official Selena store in the land, over at Q Productions. There, we found a cool black snapback cap that is totally giving us ’90s vibes. The hat features the name Selena embroidered in bold purple. On the side of the hat is a silhouette of a Selena pose and on the back, it reads, “Queen of Cumbia.”

Available at Q Productions, $25


Selena T-Shirt, by Hot Topic

Photo: Hot Topic

Hot Topic always has the coolest music tees. They have several Selena shirts that you’ll want to buy, but we chose this one for its sleek look. You can totally rock this under a blazer paired with a pencil skirt, or just rock it with distressed jeans and a moto jacket and sneakers for a look that’s casual but chic.

Available at Hot Topic, $18.32


Selena “Como La Flor” Tote, by Devoted73

Photo: Devoted73/Etsy

Everyone should have (and probably does have) a variety of tote bags in their entryway closet or tucked away in their car. You use them for everything —for shopping, for your computer and office stuff, for school, for your beach or pool gear — the list goes on.  Naturally, if use tote bags often, you’ll definitely want to sport this cool and stylish Selena-inspired one from Devoted73.

Available at Devoted73, $10.80


Selena Cuff Bracelets, by LittleArcherCreation

Photo: LittleArcherCreation/Etsy

Jewelry is a pretty, stylish way to wear what speaks to you. Like Selena songs, no? These cool cuff bracelets, by LittleArcherCreation, on Etsy, feature the titles of two songs, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” and “Como La Flor.” The third bracelet features that iconic line from the movie Selena, “anything for Selenas.” You can buy them for yourself or gift them for a fellow Selena fan.

Available at LittleArcherCreation, $16.50


Selena Collage Fleece Blanket, by Teeshopee

Photo: Teeshopee

There’s nothing like a nice, cozy blanket that we can curl up with on the couch while watching TV, or use as part of our room decor, on our bed. This Selena Quintanilla-Perez blanket, which is available in three different sizes, caught our eye because it’s loaded with cool photos of the icon.

Available at Teeshopee, $23-$43


MAC Selena Lipsticks and Lipglass

Photo: Amazon

When the MAC and Selena collab happened, we all wanted to stock up on all the makeup from the collection. But because it sold out quickly, many of us didn’t get a chance to shop these amazing products. Fortunately for us, Amazon is selling some of these makeup items. You can get the “Amor Prohibido” and” Como La Flor” lipsticks, and the “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” lipglass online right now. How awesome is that?

Available on Amazon, $119.95


Selena “Como La Flor” Water Bottle, by MnMCreations08

Photo: MnMCreations08/Etsy

We all know how important it is to drink water. In fact, it’s recommended to drink at least two liters a day. But using plastic bottles isn’t just bad for the environment, but they often accumulate and take up space. It’s a lot more practical and sustainable to get yourself a reusable bottle and why not this adorable Selena-inspired one we found on Etsy? It comes in clear, pink, or purple, and features the words “Como La Flor,” a rose, and Selena’s signature on it.

Available at MnMCreations08, $22


Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay Selena Pop Star Canvas Slip-Ons

Photo: Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay/Etsy

You don’t see too many pairs of Selena sneakers out there, and when you do, they are usually one-of-a-kind and/or custom, hand-painted shoes. We love these unique slip-on sneakers by Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay. They offer a great pop of color to your shoe wardrobe, and of course, feature Selena!

Available at Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay, $74


Selena Cropped Hoodie, by Forever 21

You didn’t think we were just going to show one item from the Forever 21 and Selena collaboration, did you? There are so many cute products to choose from, we had to share more! This cropped hoodie will go with so much in your wardrobe and is unique in its own way. We also love how it features an iconic Selena quote.

Available at Forever 21, $34.90


Selena Makeup Brush Holders, by JEICrafts

Photo: JEICrafts/Etsy

You will see Selena T-shirts, mugs, and sweatshirts everywhere, but we always look a little harder and a little longer to find those more obscure, yet totally desirable items you may not know about. Like these super cute and functional Selena-themed makeup brush holders. You can choose from so many different color combos to find the perfect one for your vanity!

Available at JEICrafts, $42


Selena “Como La Flor” Joggers, by Forever 21

In addition to rad tops, the Forever 21 and Selena “White Rose” collection also features a pair of cool and comfy joggers.  We love how the words “Como La Flor” are written down one leg, in red Old English font. These cute and casual pants celebrate Selena, keep you comfortable, are comfy, while adding a bit of street edge.

Available at Forever 21, $29.90


Selena “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” T-Shirt, by AndreaTobarShop

Photo: AndreaTobarShop/Etsy

We have written on this AndreaTobarStudio T-shirt before, but it’s too cute not to mention again in a “you have to shop this” Selena merch roundup. It features the words “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” but, unlike other tees with the same words, it has a cool, cartoon-like font, and a big pink heart.

Available at AndreaTobarShop, $19


Selena Quilt, by Teeamazin

Photo: Teeamazin

This Selena quilt puts together several iconic photos of the superstar and combines them in one cool, yet also functional bed topper. Some of the photos are of Selena album covers, one is of her Madame Tussauds wax figure, and there’s even one of J-Lo playing Selena in the iconic film of the same name.

Available at Teeamazin, $89.99


Selena Biker Shorts, by Forever21

Last, of our Forever 21 x Selena collection selections are these biker shorts. Biker shorts are a big trend for 2019, and what better biker shorts than some that have a little homage to Selena on them?! You can rock them with an oversized Selena tee and some cool sneakers, for a dope casual look.

Available at Forever 21, $19.90


Selena Crewneck Sweatshirt, by MpcTeeHouse

Photo: MpcTeeHouse

Chances are, you probably wear hoodies and sweatshirts on the regular. Black sweatshirts are a closet staple, and you reach for them when it gets a little chilly, or you just want to feel cozy. Elevate your plain black sweatshirt to another level by choosing this one, which also has a purple Selena homage on it. It will still go with a lot in your closet but just looks so much cooler than your average pullover.

Available at MpcTeeHouse, $25-$28


Selena Rosas Pillow, by Kaleidoscope Kollective

Photo: Kaleidoscope Kollective

Your home decor should feature a bit of what you are inspired by, what speaks to your culture, and your taste in things like music. It should reflect you! For the Selena fan, this pretty pillow will add the right pop of Tejana stardom to your office chair, your couch, bed, or wherever else you decide to put it.

Available at Kaleidoscope Kollective, $25


Selena Cosmetics Bag, by MnMCreations08

Photo: MnMCreations08/Etsy

We need bags to lug all our stuff around, but shouldn’t they be nice to look at, and reflect us? This Selena makeup bag will tote all your on-the-go beauty products, but it’s so pretty! You could also rock it as a clutch; it’s too nice to leave in a tote bag or purse!

Available at MnMCreations08, $20


Selena Starbucks Tumblers, by Mercado El Catrin

Starbucks has gotten the Latinx makeover with several “I want them all” tumblers from Mercado El Catrin. They all feature iconic Latinx stars, like these with Selena. They’re only $9, so you could totally get both versions of the Selena “La Reina” ones, then go and get all the others!

Available by Mercado El Catrin, $9 (each)


Selena Notebook, by Fernando Lara

Photo: Fine Art America

These are one of these special notebooks, that you’ll want to only use for important, permanent notes. Because there’s no way you’ll want to throw this one out. The beautiful artwork is by Fernando Lara, and features Selena surrounded by so much rich purple, as well as her signature roses.

Available at Fine Art America, $14.50


Selena La Reina Lanyard, by Mercado El Catrin

Hold your keys, go hands-free, and let the world know that you are a huge Selena fan, with this cute Selena lanyard. The artwork is spot-on, the colors are vibrant, and it’s just a fun, inexpensive way to rep for La Reina and have fun with something as mundane as lugging around your keys.

Available at Mercado El Catrin, $7


Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay Selena Pop Star Batwing Tee

Photo: Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay/Etsy

Most Selena tees are white or black, and feature a photo of the star in a centered rectangle on the front. We instantly sit up when we see original, “ooo” versions of the Selena T-shirt. This one, by Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay took the Selena tee to a whole new level. The artist made a print using Selena’s face, surrounded by Mexican papel picado, and put it on a batwing tee. The result is vibrant, fun, and totally unexpected. Visit her Etsy store to see several other items with this same print!

Available at Rockin’ Illustrations by Helen Fay, $44


Selena “Dreaming of You” Trucker Hat, by Mercado El Catrin

Photo: Mercado El Catrin

Aside from the color purple, the other big Selena signature is the white rose. This trucker hat, by Mercado El Catrin (they know how to make really cool Selena products!), features this white rose, with a banner that reads, “Dreaming of You.” It’s iconic, cute, and totally Selena-esque. Plus, since it’s black and white (with a small pop of green), it will go with practically everything!

Available at Mercado El Catrin, $10-$18


Selena Quintanilla La Reina Pin/Sticker Combo, by Night Gone Dark Studio

Photo: Night Gone Black Studio/Etsy

We have one more amazing enamel pin that celebrates Selena. This one is unique, as it doesn’t feature Selena. But you know it’s her; the pin (and matching vinyl sticker) feature her iconic lipstick-stained microphone, against a background of purple. The drawing is made to look like a loteria card, which reads “La Reina.”

Available at Night Gone Dark Studio, $15

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