We Took Back ‘La Llorona’ And Recast It with All Latinx Actors

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One thing that is truly offensive is when Hollywood craps all over our stories. You know what we mean, right? They take a Latin cultural story and make it into something completely different. Pixar almost did that with Coco, which is why it took several years to get it made, but then they hired Latinx consultants to get the story to be authentic. The end result was perfect! That’s why we love Coco so much. Why couldn’t Hollywood do that with The Curse of La Llorona?

We were super excited to see that the story of La Llorona was being brought to the big screen, but what we got instead (judging from the trailer) is probably going to be a huge let down. We’re not the only ones that were disappointed. So we decided to dream big and rewrite the movie (sort of) and cast Latinx actors.

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