Your Weekly Tarotscope for March 17 – Mar 23, 2019 Revealed

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Theme of the Week: 8 of Swords

This week will be all-consuming. We will be wrapped up in and focused on a matter that has a strong footprint on our psyche. All your time and energy will be devoted to this, mostly because it will be a top priority in your mind. If you’ve been putting it off, understand that there is no more running or hiding. It is time to come face-to-face and tackle things head-on. You may experience feelings of helplessness, but in fact, we are never really helpless. Use your agile mind to strategize a way to navigate through the muddiness and discomfort. The outcome depends on whether you choose to stay bound to the way things are or figure out a way to cut yourself free and create your own happy ending.




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