Black Girls and Women STILL Face Discrimination for Wearing Their Hair Natural Today

8-year-old red braids school picture

On picture day, a little 8-year-old girl thought she looked her best — and she did. She looked beautiful in her school uniform and her braided bun. School officials at Paragon Charter Academy, however, didn’t think her look was appropriate and they forbade her from taking part in the school picture. Now her parents are left wondering why they would treat their little girl with such disrespect.

It’s upsetting you know,” Doug Scott, the girl’s father said in tears in an interview with WILX. “All of this is uncalled for, they didn’t even call us. Marian didn’t leave the house, go on the street and get this done on her own, no, she’s 8 years old, we did this ourselves in our own home and there’s no way I felt like this would happen.”

So what was so offensive about her hair? School officials say she had red extensions in her hair and that it violated school code.  NBC News reported that Paragon Charter Academy has a “strict dress code in its student handbook, outlining that hair color must be in ‘natural tones’ to get pictures taken. Paragon Academy also says that hairstyles must be ‘conservative’ and that ‘extreme hairstyles’ are not permitted.”

What is terribly sad is that school officials at Paragon Charter Academy have no insight on black hair. There is nothing offensive or bad about this little girl’s hair and the school should be apologizing to her and her family for excluding her from the school picture. Here’s a look at a few other instances where young black girls have faced discrimination for their hair!




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