13 of the Most Effed Up Immigration Acts in U.S. History

Photo: ruiz.house.gov

It’s important to know history to fully understand the things that are happening now. This is because often, history repeats itself, and/or what we experience today resulted from what happened yesterday. The past, with its events and narratives, informs us. A perfect example of a repetitive history is the lengthy collection of unfair, racist, and discriminatory immigration laws in the United States.

Immigration acts have been drawn up for the country since the 1670s, when England barred Catholics and other non-Christians from parliamentary naturalization. Unfair laws like these continued, to protect one group of people, while ostracizing several others. Let take a look at 13 such effed immigration acts, that worked against people of color, certain Europeans, and other groups. The saddest part was that there were so many to choose from.




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