Ya es hora: Getting Back to the Gym in 2017

Are you as late to start that let’s get back to the gym New Year’s Resolution as I am? At the end of December, I did all that I could so that I would be #beachready for my Cuban escape

Photo: Unsplash/@dncerullo

Photo: Unsplash/@dncerullo

Are you as late to start that let’s get back to the gym New Year’s Resolution as I am? At the end of December, I did all that I could so that I would be #beachready for my Cuban escape. But as I set off for Havana on the morning of New Year’s Eve, the intense gymming and dieting was replaced by búrbujas, mojitos, and never-ending pork dishes. I would be lucky if I could find a dry piece of carb-heavy potato bread for breakfast, let alone the protein-rich Clif bar or greek yogurt parfait that I was craving. The one day I managed to reach my step goal on Fitbit was when I went horseback riding—but the horse took all of the steps for me. Though it was a lot of work to concentrate on our sexy guide in his cowboy gear speeding past us on his horse, I wonder if that might have helped to burn some calories….

Anyway, if you’re finally ready to take the plunge and get back to the gym, like I think I am, here are some promotions to take advantage of to start the year off right.

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24 Hour Fitness

The name may be a bit misleading as most locations are not open 24/7, but this fitness chain does boast some of the best hours around. With a nationwide network of over 400 clubs, 24 Hour Fitness offers specialized personal training programs, fitness consultation, babysitting services, as well as an app to track your progress. To start the New Year off right, they’re offering a 3 day pass to test them out, as well as no initiation fee for new members if you do decide to join. Or if you have a friend who’s already a member, they can add you to their plan for $29.99 a month. Monthly membership fees range from $29.99 to $99.99 depending on location and membership type.

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Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington Sports Clubs

While there aren’t locations all over the country, this chain has branches on the east coast spanning from Northern Virginia to Massachusetts. There are membership options to access a single club or a passport membership to use the entire regional network of gyms. NYSC has been my go to since I can use the passport membership in most Northeast cities while traveling for work or play—even though while traveling for play I’m usually more worried about the bottomless brunch options than the gym locations. For those looking to join after the start of the New Year, you can sign up for a one day trial pass, go with a friend and receive a 30 day guest pass for $30, or if you join mid-month the rest of the month is often free. I really enjoy the wide variety of classes, many of which are during lunch if you can escape from the office during the day, as well as the special equipment, pool access, and juice bars that can be found at some clubs.

Next – YMCA



The YMCA might not have as sexy of a reputation as some of the other fitness centers we’re sharing with you, but they often provide the same services or even more. They also offer discount pricing for members to community events and arts workshops. If you’re interested in access to specialty classes and lots of space in a gym more so than the latest training equipment, the YMCA might be the place for you. Especially if you’re in a big city, the large sports courts and pool access that the YMCA offers can be hard to come by. New York City’s West Side YMCA even offers a barefoot flamenco class. If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is. If you’re ready to sign up at the Y for your New Year’s Resolution, many branches are offering free enrollment through January 31 as well as one day trial passes.

Next – LA Fitness


LA Fitness

With locations in most major metro areas across the US and Canada, LA Fitness is a convenient option if you’ll be traveling across the country frequently. They take their personal training seriously with a specialized approach to what will work best for you, and the fitness classes tend to have more of a group personal training feel. If you want to join, there are membership options for single club or multi-club access, with discounts on the initiation fee if you join a current member’s plan. You can also get a free five day guest pass if you know someone who is already a member.

Next – Planet Fitness


Planet Fitness

While you may have missed their New Year’s special of paying a discounted $1 enrollment fee, Planet Fitness’s already low prices of $10 a month for single club access or $19.99 a month for premium multi-club access almost seem too good to be true. Sometimes they are—the post work gym rush at the midtown Manhattan Planet Fitness branches can seem more like pushing your way through throngs of tourists in Times Square during rush hour than a workout. But if you’re lucky enough to live near a branch that doesn’t get so crowded, you’ve scored a deal. With locations in 48 states and several branches in Canada, this chain offers more locations than any other on our list. And the free perks you can take advantage of with the $19.99 a month premium access like tanning, massage chairs, free guest access, and drink discounts are almost unheard of at other gyms.

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This is definitely the edgiest gym on our list—the intro video on their site somehow convinced me that any scars I endured from a workout would make me sexier. Unfortunately, the sexiness comes at a higher price than any other gym on our list. Their New Year’s deals are still fantastic—new members receive a complimentary personal training session, complimentary one-on-one Pilate’s session, and discounts at the spa and shops. And if you manage to fit in 12 workouts prior to the end of January, they’ll refund your initiation fee. Hopefully the illusion that I’m getting my money back as I workout is a good enough incentive to get to the gym.

Next – Groupon



Don’t forget about Groupon! If you’re not ready to make a commitment to a specific gym, Groupon usually has deals for yoga classes, fitness centers, or workout gear. Check your local listings for the specials in your area.

Hopefully you’ll find something you like from this list. While I wasn’t quite ready for the playas in Cuba, that doesn’t mean I can’t be #beachready by spring break!

Bill O’Connor is an editorial assistant for HipLatina and Latin pop fanático. He can be found on snapchat @wro6278 singing along to his favorite canciones as he travels from Mexico City to Mumbai.

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