Ya es hora: Getting Back to the Gym in 2017

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Are you as late to start that let’s get back to the gym New Year’s Resolution as I am? At the end of December, I did all that I could so that I would be #beachready for my Cuban escape. But as I set off for Havana on the morning of New Year’s Eve, the intense gymming and dieting was replaced by búrbujas, mojitos, and never-ending pork dishes. I would be lucky if I could find a dry piece of carb-heavy potato bread for breakfast, let alone the protein-rich Clif bar or greek yogurt parfait that I was craving. The one day I managed to reach my step goal on Fitbit was when I went horseback riding—but the horse took all of the steps for me. Though it was a lot of work to concentrate on our sexy guide in his cowboy gear speeding past us on his horse, I wonder if that might have helped to burn some calories….

Anyway, if you’re finally ready to take the plunge and get back to the gym, like I think I am, here are some promotions to take advantage of to start the year off right.

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