Zoe Saldana Launches New Media Company That Promotes Empowering Latinos

Actress and activist Zoe Saldana has announced that she will be launching a new media company that has a focus on empowering Latinos. The company is called BeSe (pronounced “bee-say”) and its bilingual meaning is “to be” in two languages — in English “be” and in Spanish “se” — meaning to exist and know yourself, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

BeSe is planning to launch by the end of 2017, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, will target millennial and Gen Z audiences, for distribution across social and digital platforms.

Latinos are a growing community in America, but Latino stories have remained historically marginalized,” Saldana told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m so excited to be leading BeSe, a truly uplifting brand that fills a niche for young audiences craving positive portrayals of the modern Latino experience in America. I’m grateful to partner with Daniel, Monica and Plus Foundry so that more voices can be heard and empower others to actively create their own futures.”

Saldana will be the CEO of BeSE and her partner includes Daniel Batista, who will serve as president and COO. Batista has longtime ties in media and entertainment.

“I’m incredibly excited to partner with Zoe in building BeSe into a media brand that creates purpose-driven content, helping fill the significant gap that exists in today’s media landscape,” Batista told The Hollywood Reporter.

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Saldana talked about her busy roles as a mother and actress, but said it’s important for her to stay involved in landscape of storytelling, especially when it concerns Latinos.

I want to make sure that I’m contributing in whatever way I can to spread knowledge about a beautiful community that I belong to that will soon become 30% of the population here in this country,” Saldana told The Los Angeles Times. “It will be our lawyers, our doctors, our scientists, our researchers, our future president. I want my country to lose its fear and to grow from its ignorance and understand that we can never stop evolution. It is inevitable.”