Zoe Saldaña Had a Total Mom Moment While Traveling With Her Toddlers

Zoe Saldaña may be a world-renowned actress, but she’s a mom of three boys (twins Cy and Bowie, age 3, and one-year-old Zen), first and foremost. And with motherhood, comes plenty of blessings and joyful moments, which Saldaña regularly documents on her social media.

She’s always got time for her boys.

But moms know that along with all those sweet moments you wouldn’t trade for the world, are those moments that are well – completely overwhelming and that just may drive you crazy. So when Saldaña posted a photo of herself at the airport a few days ago with her toddlers running circles around her and her youngest strapped to her body, she spoke to the heart of the not so glamorous side of mami-hood.

She captioned the pic, “Can I be my own #wcw today? Feeling really sorry for myself right now and need the boost. #travelingwithkids #workingmom #workingbeforechristmas.”

First off, of course she can be her own #WCW – moms (and all women) should take more time to celebrate themselves. She can also celebrate the fact that her post resonated with so many moms out there raising babies who looked at this photo and saw themselves.

User amandasayssoo wrote, “Omg, total mama moment!”

Tanya.gregson commented, “As a mom of two boys ages 3 and 5… I get it! Stay strong!!”

Fortunately, there were also those moms who uplifted her and offered her tons of support.

Witchypoo1031 wrote, “Hardest but most rewarding job ever is to be a mom and to learn stillness and balance. Have compassion for yourself and just be present in all things. You are loved and you are stronger than you feel you are. Sending you positive energy your way, hun. Hope you have a great weekend. *HUG*”

In an age where there’s so much mom-shaming out there, it’s great to see other women step in and show Saldaña support. And it’s awesome to see this Dominicana keep it real about how stressful parenting can be at times. But to Zoe and all the other mamas out there, you got this!