10 Chic Ways To Incorporate Vinyl Into Your Summer Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into my house and my mom yells from across the living room: “¿Que es eso?” I look around thinking she’s referring to a spider, a bug or something on the wall but she quickly points over to my bag

Photo: Unsplash/@joshrh19

Photo: Unsplash/@joshrh19

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into my house and my mom yells from across the living room: “¿Que es eso?” I look around thinking she’s referring to a spider, a bug or something on the wall but she quickly points over to my bag. I was wearing my favorite accessory at the moment, a clear crystal bag with a gold metal handle.

I casually respond and let her know it’s a purse.  She looks at me, looks at the bag, looks back at me, and just starts shaking her head. Under her breath, she murmurs some typical Dominican-like disapproval slurs and continues watching Pequeños Gigantes. It’s not like I expected her to understand the trend. Like most moms, she makes fun of everything I wear…and then digs in my closet and wears my stuff as well. Mothers, you can’t live with them or without them, am I right?

If you haven’t already heard, plastic and vinyl are taking over the fashion scene (also referred to as PVC). Whether it’s accessories or clothing, these materials are the new rage this season. It’s interesting to see how many brands and designers interpret the new trend and create amazing new pieces. Who would’ve thought that showing off everything in my bag would be a literal statement?

That being said, at HipLatina, we want to make sure you’ve got the latest as well. We put together a shopping list of accessories and clothing across all budget levels so that you can get to buying. There’s a pick for everyone!

Try a clear tote.

Vinyl fashion trend Hiplatina

Photo: shop.mango.com

This Mango tote is the definition of casual. It’s a boxy tote that is guaranteed to fit just about anything. This size is perfect for work meetings, running errands, etc. Mango, $50

Vinyl shoes look so chic. 

Vinyl fashion trend Hiplatina

Photo: Bershka.com

Bershka is the Zara sister store, so if you’re obsessed with Zara like I am (I live for the @thedevilswearszara instagram handle btw), then Bershka will be your new go-to. These vinyl mules embody comfort and style, all while at an affordable price! Bershka, $54

Vinyl fashion doesn’t have to be expensive.

Photo: Shein.com

I actually own this exact bag and I will say, it’s the best $14 I’ve spent this season. I love the gold handle, which makes the bag look much more expensive than it really is. It comes with a little printed pouch that I wasn’t too fond of so I repurposed it and now have a new makeup travel bag. 2-for-1 baby! Shein, $14

Vinyl bags with wooden handles are perfect for summer.

Vinyl fashion trend for summer Hiplatina

Photo: Pinkness.co

If you want to opt for a smaller bag, this Pinkness.co one is another great find! The wooden handle exudes summer vibes and you’re always able to swap out the inside pouch. Pinkness.Co, $38

Yes, vinyl jackets are a thing now.

Photo: Us.topshop.com

Feeling daring? Topshop has got you covered. They have the most perfect vinyl jackets to throw on for the rest of spring. But you have to go fast because 1) they’re obviously going to sell out 2) the weather is only getting warmer! Topshop, $125

Try a vinyl skirt.

Vinyl fashion trend Hiplatina

Photo: Prettylittlething.us

Perhaps the jacket is not your style but a mini-skirt could be! Pretty Little Thing has a ton of variations on how to style vinyl pieces and they offer multiple colors such as baby pink, lilac, black, red, nude, etc. This baby pink skirt is great for summer outings and the color is so in! Pretty Little Thing, $35

Vinyl pants are in too.

Vinyl fashion trend Hiplatina

Photo: Prettylittlething.us

Here’s the pant version! I’ve met a ton of women who just hate wearing skirts. We all have our preferences so if you’re more of a pant-gal, these are perfect! Pretty Little Thing, $45

Try clear heels.

Photo: PublicDesire.com

Are you itching for some yeezy merch? Can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars? Here’s your next best pick. Public Desire offers 8 colorways for these clear heels! They’re affordable and honestly match with anything and everything. Currently have these in my cart in nude and blue! Public Desire, $49.90

Vinyl Swimsuits Can Also Be Affordable.

Vinyl fashion trend Hiplatina

Photo: http://us.boohoo.com/

We’ve seen celebrities everywhere rock this vinyl bathing suit trend and now it’s your turn! Turn to sites like Boohoo to find affordable vinyl swimwear—whether you prefer one-pieces or bikinis, you’ll be able to find a match to make you feel great! Boohoo, $15

This trendy bag makes a serious statement.

Photo: Staud.clothing.com

Lastly, I’ll add in my most coveted item this season, the Staud Shirley bag. I’ve been eyeing this bag ever since I caught Eva Chen rocking it in her cab ride to work via Instagram. It comes in two different sizes and is the perfect spring/summer addition to your closet. If you have $200 to spare in your bank account, make sure to snag this little baby ASAP. The shop is currently taking pre-orders for shipping dated 6/15. Staud, $195

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