10 Chic Ways To Incorporate Vinyl Into Your Summer Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into my house and my mom yells from across the living room: “¿Que es eso?” I look around thinking she’s referring to a spider, a bug or something on the wall but she quickly points over to my bag. I was wearing my favorite accessory at the moment, a clear crystal bag with a gold metal handle.

I casually respond and let her know it’s a purse.  She looks at me, looks at the bag, looks back at me, and just starts shaking her head. Under her breath, she murmurs some typical Dominican-like disapproval slurs and continues watching Pequeños Gigantes. It’s not like I expected her to understand the trend. Like most moms, she makes fun of everything I wear…and then digs in my closet and wears my stuff as well. Mothers, you can’t live with them or without them, am I right?

If you haven’t already heard, plastic and vinyl are taking over the fashion scene (also referred to as PVC). Whether it’s accessories or clothing, these materials are the new rage this season. It’s interesting to see how many brands and designers interpret the new trend and create amazing new pieces. Who would’ve thought that showing off everything in my bag would be a literal statement?

That being said, at HipLatina, we want to make sure you’ve got the latest as well. We put together a shopping list of accessories and clothing across all budget levels so that you can get to buying. There’s a pick for everyone!


Try a clear tote.

Vinyl fashion trend Hiplatina


This Mango tote is the definition of casual. It’s a boxy tote that is guaranteed to fit just about anything. This size is perfect for work meetings, running errands, etc. Mango, $50




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