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12 Afro-Latinx Street Style Stars That Will Bless Your Instagram Feed

We hope you’re logged onto your Instagram account because we have a list of Afro-Latinas that are killing the fashion game on the platform. You will want to follow them all like, yesterday because these women will give you outfit inspiration AND show the beautiful diversity that exists in this community.

Monica Veloz

The proud Afro-Latina’s style will dare you to be bold.

Cristina Gomez


The Colombian and Cuban influencer has swag for days.

Farah Vargas

We would raid the Dominican entrepreneur’s closet any day of the week.

Denise Mercedes


Body positivity is at the forefront of this Dominican model’s mind and fuego feed.

Grasie Mercedes

The Dominican actress is a fashion chameleon and we can’t get enough.

Veronica Bonilla


The Puerto Rican fashion blogger has style for petite women on lock.

Paula Almeida

This Michael Jackson moment from the Brazilian model says it all.

Illy Perez


The Cuban stylist’s images will encourage you to push your boundaries.

Ada Rojas

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Today was one for the books. One of those life changing type of days I’ll probably always look back on because it created a huge impact which led to a game changing shift in my life. Still trying to process it all! 🙏🏽🙌🏾 🙇🏽‍♀️Today I had the dope opportunity to meet up and chat with @thegavenator, an incredible visionary and bad ass Latina who’s hustle I deeply respect and admire. Sky, thank you for taking time out of your day to pour into me and @suitsheelscurves @hilianadevila @lapecosapreciosa by sharing so many life and business gems. Don’t even know what to say because my brain feels like a pinball machine from all the excitement and creativity flowing since our chat. It’s always an honor to meet successful entrepreneurs that look like you. They are a constant reminder that as long as you have passion and hustle you can do and be whatever you want to be in this lifetime. ✨ So damn proud to be a Latina! What a time to be alive!!! #LatinasOntheRise

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The Dominican blogger is a breath of fresh air. She knows how to stylishly dress up her amazing curves. 

Rocío Mora

This petite Mexican and Honduran blogger is effortlessly chic.

Denisse Benitez

The photographer is just as fly as the clients she captures with her camera.

Priscilla Flete


The Dominican blogger makes switching up your style look so easy.