15 Livestreaming Workouts That Will Keep You Moving While Quarantined

The Coronavirus has put the world at a standstill and if you’re doing your part by quarantining and social distancing (because you’re a good citizen), you’re probably going a little stir-crazy by now

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The Coronavirus has put the world at a standstill and if you’re doing your part by quarantining and social distancing (because you’re a good citizen), you’re probably going a little stir-crazy by now. If this temporary lockdown has you missing your favorite fitness classes or even gym time, luckily there are many options out there that will help you break a sweat right in your living room. Currently, there are many gyms and fitness studios participating in live streaming videos via social media or offering extended free trials that you can do at home. Luckily, you don’t even need equipment for some of these and can use your own bodyweight. Stay sane, healthy, and strong during this quarantine with these fun live-streaming apps that are sure to get you moving.


Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp lovers won’t have to miss out on the red room fun. The popular boutique fitness studio is hosting some live streaming workouts via its IGTV channel on Instagram. Check out their trainers’ bodyweight workouts daily on their Instagram page, no treadmill or weights required. wp_*posts

Nike Run Club

The trusty Nike Run Club app is the perfect app that’s free to help coach you through your runs while quarantined. Luckily, running is one of the outdoor activities (besides bike riding and walking) that is safe to do as long as you do it solo and maintain a safe distance (6 feet) from others.wp_*posts

The Daily Burn

The Daily Burn is a live streaming service offering a 30-day free trial featuring workouts from dancing, yoga, pilates, cardio, and more. You can stream workouts either from your laptop or TV.wp_*posts

Shona Vertue

Yoga teacher and Personal Trainer, Shona Vertue has been livestreaming bodyweight workouts that you can do in your living room via YouTube and her IGTV Instagram channel. Get ready to have some of your living room furniture handy as it’s going to be your main source of fitness equipment. wp_*posts

Corepower Yoga

If you miss your yoga routine, get a yoga session in with the many free videos Corepower Yoga has on their website. Whether you’re looking to just move or strengthen your core, these are sure to get the job done.wp_*posts

305 Fitness

Dance parties are becoming popular while cooped up at home. Fitness studio, 305 Fitness is offering cardio and toning classes via their YouTube channel twice a day at 12 p.m. & 6 p.m. EST. If you ask us, it’s not the worst thing in the world to take dance breaks in between working hours. wp_*posts

Orangetheory Fitness

Popular circuit-training studio, Orangetheory Fitness is bringing their workouts to your home via their website. Every day they are posting 30-minute bodyweight workouts that will keep you moving while quarantined.wp_*posts

Rumble Boxing

Boxing studio, Rumble is offering bodyweight workouts via their IGTV channel on Instagram. The studio’s trainers are all taking turns to put on a virtual class for followers daily. Set up space in your living room to get your jabs and uppercuts in and you’ll be good to go!wp_*posts

NEOU Fitness

NEOU is a popular live streaming platform that offers thousands of classes live and on-demand via their app. You’ll have your pick of workouts from Yoga, Bootcamp, barre or dance. They all vary on length too depending on if you have time for a half-hour or full hour workout. A monthly membership goes for $14.99 or $49 for a full year.wp_*posts


The fitness class-booking app is offering free live streaming workouts via their app. This is a great way to get a taste of some of the studios via their most popular trainers online. Try out some HIIT, ab-focused, and yoga classes in the comfort of your own home.wp_*posts


Whether or not you own the popular indoor cycling bike, you can still take advantage of Peloton’s live-streaming classes. The app has extended its free trial to 90 days and gives you access to their library of strength training, running, cycling, stretching, yoga, bootcamp, and more.   wp_*posts

Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark, the “queen of workouts” is known for her creative workouts that she shares with her 2 million followers. Lately, she’s been showing different bodyweight workouts you can do at home and also unique ways to use household items, such as detergent containers as weights. Check out her workouts on her IGTV channel, and if you choose to sign up for her workouts, she’s offering a deal with 7-day free trial and then $22.49 for the first three months.wp_*posts

Don Saladino

Celebrity trainer and owner of Drive 495, Don Saladino has been sharing home workouts through his Instagram profile. He’s also offering a free 4-week Body Weight Program which he demonstrates LIVE at 3:30 EST every day to coach you through a 20-30 minute bodyweight program on his IGTV channel. wp_*posts

Blink Fitness & Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness and Blink fitness members are lucky enough to have live streaming workouts through their Facebook pages, YouTube, and their apps. If you’re part of one of these gyms or others it may be helpful to check out what at-home options your gym may be offering members.wp_*posts


If you’re interested in audio-guided workouts, Aaptiv is perfect if you like having a personal trainer in your ear. The app offers guided running routines and strength training workouts. They’re also including workouts live on their IGTV channel that you can do in your living room. Right now the app Is offering a 7-day free trial and then it’s $15 a month.

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