25 Totes that Shout Out Latinx Culture

Tote bags make life so much easier

Photo: Quinty Moda/Etsy

Photo: Quinty Moda/Etsy

Tote bags make life so much easier. In them, we throw our purse essentials, office supplies, groceries, gym clothes, and anything else we can cram into them. In some cities, they have replaced plastic bags, and we hope that everyone gets on board with opting for reusable bags for a healthier environment.

Totes also allow you to share something about your life without having to utter a word, much like our equally-loved T-shirts do. While you’re walking down the street with your cute bag, people will instantly know you love maduros, admire Frida Kahlo, and are a proud Latinx. It’s orgullo, it’s fashion, function, and is your own personal style, all wrapped into one. Since we live for a good Latinx tote, we are sharing 25 that you’ll definitely want to add to your online cart. The majority of these fab finds were in the mecca of creativity and supporting indie businesses–Etsy.

su_ella Latin Legend Tote

You had us at Rita, Celia, Frida, and Selena. Jisely Jimenez and Lian Amado started su_ella to inspire Latinas, and we definitely feel inspired with a tote that shouts out four of our favorite, inspiring and empowering Latinas: Rita Moreno, Celia Cruz, Frida Kahlo, and Selena Quintanilla-Perez. It makes anything you drop in this bag feel that more special. 

Latin Legends Tote, Available at suellashop.com, $15

Limon VerdeAfro Latina Big Hair Dont Care Tote Bag

Photo: Limon Verde Design/Etsy

Limon Verde Design creates “multicultural designs to help celebrate la buena vida.” Their Afro-Latina tote not only looks cool, but let’s everyone around you know that you are a proud Afro-Latinx. And, it will hold a lot of your daily necessities!

Available at etsy.com, $25

Hija de tu Madre Mercado Bag

Photo: Hija de tu Madre

Mexicans have been using beautiful reusable tote to take to the mercado. Made of mesh or oilcloth, they are colorful, fun, and practical. Hija de tu Madre is all about repping Mexican, Chicanx, and Latinx culture(s), so it’s no surprise that the brand, helmed by Patty Delgado, has its own version of the iconic bag.

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $10

Puerto Rican Love Boricua Power Tote Bag

Photo: Puerto Rican Love/Etsy

A simple tote, just like a tee, can empower you when it has the right words emblazoned on it. Just take Puerto Rican Love’s Puerto Rican Power bag. These inspiring words that instantly make you proud of the island are in bold red so that everyone sees them.

Available at etsy.com, $25

La Mestiza Boutique Mexico Weekender

Photo: La Mestiza Boutique/Etsy

La Mestiza has not one, but an array of pretty and roomy weekender bags that shout out Mexico and more specific locales within the country (along with other cool bags like their La Jefa one). It’s great for a weekend trip, or a short jaunt to the beach or pool.

Available at etsy.com, $49.95

Peralta Project Se Habla Spanglish Washed Lt. Denim Tote

Photo: Peralta Project

Afro-Dominicano M. Tony Peralta has made a career out of representing Dominican and Latinx culture and their icons, through his amazing art. Thankfully, this extends to these useful and dope totes. Se habla Spanglish hits home, as so many of us live and speak between two languages. And it is a fun neutral in blue denim.

Available at peraltaproject.com, $30

Chingona Como Mi Madre Proud Daughter of Immigrants Tote

Photo: Chingona Como Mi Madre/Etsy

We are forever proud to be the daughters of immigrants. Chingona Como Mi Madre’s tote lets everyone know that without having to say a word. The empowering bag, which speaks out in today’s political climate, comes in either blue or red font.

Available at etsy.com, $17.50

Quinty Moda Rebelde Te Ves Mas Bonita Tote Bag

Photo: Quinty Moda/Etsy

The best Latinx totes are like inside jokes, words that we all heard growing up and still today. Really cool ones switch things up to modernize these concepts. While we all know, “calladita te ves mas bonita,” Quinty Moda changes it up with a nah, “rebelde te ves mas bonita!”

Available at etsy.com, $15

Cortez Made Co. Echale Ganas Tote Bag

Photo: Cortez Made Co./Etsy

We have so much stuff to lug around everyday, and you’re going to need a fly bag to carry it all in. This tote by Cortez Made Co. is adorable, available in a variety of colors, and reminds you to echale ganas, m’ijas!

Available at etsy.com, $18

Texas Chingona Proud Latina Organic Tote

Photo: Texas Chingona

We are proud to be Latina, and that will never change. Which makes this colorful tote by Texas Chingona a true you’ll have it forever buy. The beautiful artwork is a shout out to Indigenous Otomi embroidery from Mexico, and the very true message is universally Latinx.

Available at texas-chingona.myshopify.com, $20

Stoop Sale BKLYN Platano Maduros Eco Tote Bag

Photo: Stoop Sale BKLYN/Etsy

Maduros are life. Why have a boring bag to take to the supermarket when you can rock this adorable tote from Stoop Sale BKLYN? Once you’re done with your shopping trip, feel free to use this bag for everything else.

Available at etsy.com, $25

Maison Wanderlust Panama Tote

Photo: Maison Wanderlust/Etsy

Are you from Panama or just love the country? Maison Wanderlust offers this adorable tote that features traditional Panamanian dress in an artsy illustration. Added bonus? These pretty bags are also available for Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean/Creole, and Guatemala.

Available at etsy.com, $20.36 – $26.02

Que Rico T-Shirt Co. Piñata Tote

Photo: Que Rico T-Shirt Co./Etsy

Piñatas are an undeniable part of Latinx childhood. Made up of vivid colors and jam-packed with delicious candy, they were one of the major highlights of any kid’s party. This tote, by Que Rico T-Shirt Co., scientifically and hilariously points out where all the good dulces are stashed in a piñata.

Available at etsy.com, $12

Quinty Moda Maria Felix Tote Bag

Photo: Quinty Moda/Etsy

Maria Felix is such an icon and legend, and total goals for Latinxs everywhere. The ideal balance of bonita and badass, her beauty, style, and eternal quotes inspire us to this day. Let the world know that you love this cabrona, and are one yourself, with this sleek and striking tote by Quinty Moda.

Available at etsy.com, $16

su_ella Latin Countries Tote

Another cool tote from su_ella that reps for the culture is their Latin Countries Tote. Featuring 19 countries of Latin America, some of the letters are marked in red to spell out “Latin.” It’s a great bag for not only stashing all your stuff, but for shouting out most of Latin America at once.

Latin Legends Tote, Available at suellashop.com, $15

Peruvian Roots Peruvian Manta Tote

Photo: Peruvian Roots/Etsy

Not all tote bags have to be natural-hued canvas screen printed with some cool artwork. Some feature textiles that are the art itself. This beautiful bag by Peruvian Roots is made on a manta (a loom), and represents the country’s ornate and colorful fabrics. It’s a tote you’ll want to use on the regular.

Available at etsy.com, $18

SAYA STUDIO Colombia Shopping Tote


It’s cool, and also great for the environment, when fabrics are given a new life. This tote by SAYA STUDIO was created with coffee sack from Colombia, and is perfect for not only Colombians, but those who love coffee (and specifically Colombian coffee).

Available at etsy.com, $40

Cortez Made Co. Ponte Las Pilas Tote Bag

Photo: Cortez Made Co/Etsy

Another tote we love from Cortez Made Co. is their bag that reminds us to poner las pilas. We all need encouraging, inspiring, and empowering words, every day, and a bag like this gives us that reminder every time we use it. Added bonus? This tote is available in 12 colors and two font colors.

Available at etsy.com, $16

Sugar Lump Creations Afro-Latina Weekender Bag

Photo: Sugar Lump Creations/Etsy

A weekender bag is meant to hold your essentials for a fabulous getaway. But it’s even better when it shows off who you are, and your style. Sugar Lump Creations created this stylish and artsy Afro-Latina-themed tote that reps as hard as it holds your travel wear.

Available at etsy.com, $39

Mi Cultura Clothing Latinx Floral Tote Bag

Photo: Mi Cultura Clothing/Etsy

Latinxs, that’s who we are. This tote by Mi Cultura Clothing showcases that fact in such a stylish manner. The word “Latinx” is surrounded by the prettiest blooms, making it perfect for spring (but let’s be real, for the entire year).

Available at etsy.com, $25

Sea Senorita Studios Mexican Artist Lime Green Tote

Photo: Seas Senorita Studios/Etsy

We will always want all sorts of items that feature one of our favorite artists and Latinas, Frida Kahlo. Her talent, bravery, realness, aesthetic, and more inspire us constantly, and we want that inspiration around us all the time. Seas Senorita Studios created a tote that features Frida alongside the very true statement, Life is short. Make art first. Added bonus? It comes in the 2020 on-trend color neon green.

Available at etsy.com, $15

Texas Chingona #Essentials Eco Tote Bag

Photo: Texas Chingona

Texas Chingona has another very buyable tote in their current inventory. Their #Essentials Eco Tote Bag features several of the wonderful things we can’t live without–tacos, Target, chisme, margaritas, coffee, and conchas. It’s a cute bag that will tote all your essentials and make you, and many others, else smile.

Available at texas-chingona.myshopify.com, $15

Chingona Como Mi Madre Tote

Photo: Chingona Como Mi Madre/Etsy

Our mothers are strong, resilient, smart, accomplished, and nurturing. They inspire us to be better women, and show us how. Chingona Como Mi Madre offers this fierce tote that is not only its brand name, but a true statement for so many mujeres.

Available at etsy.com, $17.50

t.q.m Selena Tote Bags (Iconic Bustier Tote)

Photo: t.q.m. Selena/Etsy

We. Will. Buy. Anything. Having. To. Do. With. Selena. It’s just a fact. Added points if its clever, and really represents our superstar with something that everyone will automatically associate with her and not just her name. This tote by t.q.m. Selena comes in seven different style options, but we just had to show you the super cool Iconic Bustier Tote.

Available at etsy.com, $22

Que Rico T-Shirt Co. Tacos y Tacones Tote

Photo: Que Rico T-Shirt Co./Etsy

We love tacos, and we love tacones. And we love a brand who shouts them both out in a cute and funny tote. Que Rico T-Shirt Co. did just that, and upped the style with a vintage-y fancy font on a bubblegum pink bag.

Available at etsy.com, $12

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