3 Reasons to Try a Minimalist Design Scheme

A clean, open room invites creative thinking and a peaceful mood

Photo: Unsplash/@scottwebb

Photo: Unsplash/@scottwebb

A clean, open room invites creative thinking and a peaceful mood. Clutter, loud sounds, and too many bright colors or patterns have the opposite effect, leading to added stress and the inability to come up with original ideas. Imagine walking into the house at the end of a hectic workday and having your senses bombarded with books and magazines lying everywhere, piles of laundry, dishes, bulky furniture pieces, harsh colors on your walls and many other things. How do you think this scenario would affect you? My guess is if you were in a somewhat bad mood before, you’re going to feel much worse.

Now imagine walking in the door and seeing wide open spaces, clear table tops, and light, uplifting colors and plants. Feel better? You can transform your home into your personal sanctuary where you can escape and unwind with a minimalist interior. One great thing about minimalist designs is they are easy to set up and maintain. Here are three reasons to try minimalist designs this year.

The Best Mood Enhancer

Your interior room design will influence your mood. Everything from the colors you use to the lighting will play a great role in how you feel. When your room is too bright, too dark, too small or too cluttered, you might find yourself experiencing a barrage of emotions such as anxiety, gloominess, stressfulness, hurriedness, and feeling trapped. But when your interior is spacious, with toned-down colors and free of clutter, your mood can improve a lot, especially if you’ve had a hard day. Work on coming back to a relaxing home by adopting a minimalist interior design.

Your Brain Needs Symmetry + Simplicity

Most minimalist home interior designs are simple and symmetrical; they will no doubt give you a calm feeling when you walk through the door. According to research, achieving balance in your home interiors will make you feel calm and content. Consider adopting a more permanent minimalist look for your interior home design and you will notice that your brain will respond calmly to the organized and spacious look that your eyes will see every day.

You Will feel At Home With The Colors

Minimalist interiors usually go easy on color; light and simple with an occasional splash of a bold color is the rule. Instead of painting all your living room walls your favorite blue, consider having three white walls and one blue accent wall. The occasional splash of bright colors blends perfectly and further enhances this relaxed feeling. The bright colors also eliminate the boredom of plain neutral colors resulting to this open, airy, and inviting home interior.

You can adopt a calmer and happier looking interior for your home. Rid your home of the clutter and take on a more minimalist tone in your design, and you will experience the joys of balance symmetry and minimalism as highlighted above.

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