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5 Places in SF and LA Where We Want to Grab Dessert

Are you in California, or traveling there? Then you’ll definitely want to hit up these fabulous locales when it’s time to grab dessert.

Everything Churro at Churrito Loco

Churros are pretty spectacular on their own. Add sweet fillings, toppings, and turn it into an ice cream cone? Next level awesomeness. We’ll just have everything when it comes to the offerings at Churrito Loco, located in Moreno Valley.

Cronuts and Cruffins at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Why choose between a croissant or muffin, or a croissant and donut, when you can have cruffins and cronuts?! In San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse offer all flavors of tasty hybrid pastries that sell out on the regular.

The Selena Donut at Donas

It’s pretty much common knowledge that if you Selena-ize anything, it will blow up and sell out. Donas, located in Downey, offers “Mexican/American inspired” donuts—we’re talking Frida-decorated; horchata-flavor; and a purple-glittered, honey lavender delight named Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.

Secret Breakfast Ice Cream at Humphrey Slocombe

Boozy desserts are a fun way to celebrate being an adult. Humphry Slocombe (which offers mostly non-boozy options) has unique flavors of ice cream, including best sellers prosciutto, peanut butter curry, Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, and Secret Breakfast (bourbon ice cream with caramelized cornflake cookies). You can get your hands on the ice cream in California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii.

Cotton Candy Cloud Beverages at Snow Monster

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Billowing clouds 🌬☁️☁️☁️

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With several locations in SoCal, Snow Monster offers the cutest ice cream and macaron sandwiches, dessert drinks, cold drinks, and ice cream clouds ever. The cloud drinks and ice cream clouds feature a halo of cotton candy, adding another layer of sweet and cute to the whole thing (and kudos for their equally adorable, reusable jars!)