7 Dope Puerto Rican-Inspired Fashion Pieces You Need To Get Your Hands On

It’s not uncommon to see Boricuas repping Puerto Rico through fashion, so there’s an abundance of PR gear everywhere

Photo: Etsy/PeacefulSoulShop

Photo: Etsy/PeacefulSoulShop

It’s not uncommon to see Boricuas repping Puerto Rico through fashion, so there’s an abundance of PR gear everywhere. We just happened to find some of the dopest items you’ll want to buy, like, ahora mismo. This week’s HipLatina Style is all about rad Puerto Rico gear, and where to get it (you can get the T-shirt in the main photo here.)


DeLaTierraBoutique Black and White Resistance Puerto Rico T-Shirt, $23

Photo: Etsy/DeLaTierraBoutique

This supercool, neutral, and edgy T-Shirt from the DeLaTierraBoutique is meant as a show of resistance to the horrible things happening in Puerto Rico; it also stands as a symbol of solidarity with the island. The black and white colors represent many things, including the dark and the light, the struggles/mistakes, and new beginnings, the strength and spirituality, the seriousness and the freedom and hope.


farmhouseMoon Puerto Rico Necklace, $10.40

Photo: Etsy/farmhouseMoon/

This necklace from farmhouseMoon adds a touch of glam to any outfit, while simultaneously repping Puerto Rico. It’s made from mirrored gold acrylic, and is in the shape of the island (with a little heart cut out!).


Atelier Chloe Hand Painted Vans Slip On Custom Shoes, $199

Photo: Etsy/Atelier Chloe

These shoes allow you to have a piece of Puerto Rican gear that others won’t have. They’re hand painted by Atelier Chloe, and if you want something even more unique, you can just place a custom order with her on Etsy.


PeacefulSoulShop Boricua Boop Sweatshirt, $50.40-$61.20

Photo: Etsy/PeacefulSoulShop

How cute is this PeacefulSoulShop Boricua Betty Boop sweatshirt?! It’s a departure from all the red, white, and blue, and a girly alternative to other PR gear. Kianya’s shop also features a ton of other Puerto Rican-themed merch.


Better Jewelry INC 14K Yellow Gold Puerto Rico Earrings, $45

Photo: Etsy/Better Jewelry INC

On the flipside, you want to rep the flag, as so many other Puerto Ricans have. You can wear these Better Jewelry INC 14K gold earrings with pride and it goes with literally everything!


The Veganova Puerto Rico Arroz Rico Tote, $22

Photo: Etsy/The Veganova

Totes are amazing. They hold all your stuff, while showing the world a little bit of who you are. This Puerto Rico bag from The Veganova is giving me total throwback travel vibes, and I’m here for it.


Jazyourlife Creations Pilón Pin, $10

Photo: Etsy/Jazyourlife Creations

I live for the really specific items that evoke so much nostalgia and national pride upon seeing them. I’m sure this pilon pin by Jazyourlife Creations will give many Boricuas (as well as Dominicanos) a warm and fuzzy feeling, right in their heart region.

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