8 Latin Celebrities Who Caught the Coronavirus

There’s no point in denying it: coronavirus has basically taken over 2020

There’s no point in denying it: coronavirus has basically taken over 2020. COVID-19 has affected so many lives and that includes our favorite celebrities. High-profile Latin artists such as J Balvin and Karol G have come out and said they had tested positive for the coronavirus. Not only have they shared their stories with their millions of fans, but they have also used their platform to educate and inform others of the deadly virus – urging followers to stay home, wash their hands, wear a mask, and practice social distancing. Here are the artists who have opened up about having coronavirus.




Photo: Instagram/@badbunny.pr

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse in 2020, Bad Bunny has tested posted for the Rona. The news came after he canceled his performance at the American Music Awards. His publicist, Sujeylee Sola, told CBS news that he wasn’t showing any symptoms and that they were praying that it would remain that way. He was originally scheduled to perform his new single, “Dakiti” alongside Jhay Cortez but instead he appeared virtually to present Becky G with the award for Favorite Female Latin Artist. We are all obviously praying for our Benito to get well soon. Looks like he will be perreando solo for at least the next fourteen days.


At the Premios Juventud, in a pre-recorded message, our beloved J Balvin became one of the first Latin artists to announce that he had tested positive for COVID-19. While sharing the news during his acceptance speech for his awarding-winning music video “Rojo,” he said that he was “just getting better from COVID-19” and that “these days have been very difficult, very complicated.” He mentioned how people think that it won’t happen to them and that he ended up getting it bad. The reggaeton superstar did urge his fans to understand the dangers of the virus and take precautionary measures to reduce the spread.




Photo: Instagram/@princeroyce

Bachata singer Prince Royce got a huge wake-up call when he was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this summer. He shared his story on social media and basically said that he didn’t think it could happen to him. He stated in an interview that he had gone out to some restaurants because things were open and thought “well, Florida hasn’t been so bad, and New York is the one with the problem.” He went on to explain his frustration for people who don’t wear masks in public. Thankfully he came out of it safely.



Photo: Instagram/@karolg

Buckle up, because our favorite bebesita was officially hit with COVID in July. The Colombian artist shared her positive test results during an Instagram live. She kept her diagnosis on the DL because her new single “Ay, Dios Mio” was about to drop and she didn’t want COVID to take away from that. She also said there were stories circulating that she had contracted the virus and she didn’t want her parents to get word of the chisme and start to worry about her. Well, they know now! Glad she is doing well now and her new song is a banger.




Photo: Instagram/@chiquis

Back in July, Chiquis shared with her fans on social media that she tested twice for COVID – first test was positive and second test was negative. She said that she “doesn’t wish this upon anyone” and that it was a “weird, sad and an awful thing to have.” What we love is that she stated she wanted to share her journey because God had given her this platform to talk about these things. The regional Mexican singer ended her message by saying that she was scared and never thought that she would be normal again.



Photo: Instagram/@ovyonthedrums

Ovy on the Drums, the producer who brought us “Te Vi” and “Ay, DiOs Mio,” had tested positive for the virus back in April when it first hit. Not only did he share his test results with his million followers on the gram, but he also documented the testing procedure. He said that he didn’t know that he had the virus, but in mid-March, he began to feel weak and had a constant head-ache, body ache, and chills. He told Billboard that he kept working and didn’t let his mind get lost in the virus.



Photo: Instagram/@aymeenuviolaofficial

On July 29, Cuban singer and actress Aymee Nuviola shared that she had tested positive for COVID-19 in an interview with MegaTV. We would recommend watching the video, she goes in-depth about her symptoms, saying that she noticed something was off because she had mood swings, tiredness, and loss of smell and taste.  Thankfully, she is fully recuperated and recommends all of her fans to take precautions.



Photo: Instagram/@grupointocable

Intocable’s lead vocalist, Ricky Muñoz, shared on Facebook that several of the band members had tested positive for COVID-19. Rene Martinez, Felix Salinas, Sergio Serna, Johnny Lee Rosas, and Juan Hernandez had received medical treatment and were in quarantine. Dang, that’s a lot of people. Muñoz went on to say that the entire band wanted to wish everyone who had been affected by coronavirus a speedy recovery.




Photo: Instagram/@osmanigarciaoficial

Osmani Garcia, the singer who brought us “El Taxi,” took to social media to confirm that he had tested positive and had to be hospitalized because he had chronic asthma. He told Billboard that he had trouble breathing and that increased his anxiety levels, causing him to panic. Fortunately, he recuperated and took really good care of himself immediately after leaving the hospital. He said the experience made him want to “live more than ever.” He urged everyone to take this seriously and take care of each other.

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