8 Nail Trends That You’ll Want To rock All Spring and Summer

Latinas don’t know how to be basic

Photo: Unsplash/@designecologist

Photo: Unsplash/@designecologist

Latinas don’t know how to be basic. Those of us who chose to express our personality with fashion and beauty know that every part of your body is a canvas we can use to show off who we are. We look good from head-to-toe and that includes manicures.

During the Met Gala, plus-size model and body positive advocate, Ashley Graham showed off a heavenly mani that would make your abuelita want to put it on her altar. The nude and gold Swarovski crosses were designed by Latina celebrity nail artist, Mar y Soul. 

“My devout catholic upbringing personally inspired me to place crosses along the half moons of her nails not only to pay homage to the Met’s heavenly bodies theme but to create classy nail art that can easily go from the red carpet to everyday life,” she told Hiplatina. “Ashley and I are good friends, we have gone to church together, so I knew that she would be ok with wearing crosses and she actually immediately loved her nails when she saw the design.”

Crosses and religious symbols are hot in fashion this season, so expect to see them them on nails too.

Here are 8 hot nail trends that will make you want to go get a fresh mani ASAP!

Finger designs.

This trend goes beyond nail art. Nail artist are creating art that requires embellishments, glitter or other embellishments right under the nail cuticles.



Miranda Presley in The Devil Wears Prada said it best, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.”


Nail cateyes. 


Cat eyes are invading the nail art world and appearing in your manicures. It appears as a sleek line right in the center of the nail. 


Nudes & Gold.

Not only are crosses hot but nude and gold nail art is a classic year-long design. In fact, Mar y Soul’s iconice manicure on Ashley Graham just made it a must wear for Spring and Summer. This is how you can do it at home:

  1. File into a coffin shape.  
  2. Use Revlon ColorStay Base Coat.
  3. Apply 2 coats of Revlon Color Stay #320 Trade Winds Beige.
  4. Have handy your Revlon Color Stay Brilliant Diamond Top Coat —do one nail at a time and have a kiss nail art glue on hand and ready to add to the bottom of each crystal.
  5. Create your cross in the half moon area of your nail. Then apply the crystals using a crystal Katana tool and your kiss nail art glue.
  6. Then using a Red Carpet Manicure Detailing Brush (from their nail art kit) apply top coat around the crystal but don’t paint the actual crystal  
  7. Final step, using the brush that comes with the bottle paint your top coat on the rest of your nail.


Gold leaf.

Nothing says luxury  like wearing gold.  A thin gold leaf can help elevate your nail art and give it a luxury vibe we all want.


Minimalist Embellishment.

For many of us who  can’t decide between gaudy or simple manicures, we got the minimalist embellishment nail art trend as an option. After applying your favorite nail color, add some rhinestones for that perfect medium.


Abstract art. 

Art lovers can showcase their passion for art with abstract art designs that still have a minimalist vibe.


French manicure. 


This retro classic french manicure is sure to make the old classic a new favorite.

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