A History of Shapewear: How Fajas Have Changed Over the Years

Photo: Frederick’s of Hollywood/Pinterest

Since ancient days, women have been preoccupied with attaining what is considered the perfect figure for their respective time period. Oftentimes, with the exception of the 1910s and ’20s, this centered around a small waist. You were expected to have a tiny midsection, whether it was natural or aided by fashion. Here is where shapewear enters our world.

From corsets to girdles, to fajas and waist trainers, women have been using shapewear to help sculpt their figure and make clothes fit and look better. In the ’90s they made the transition to stylish and daring outer clothing, and today, it seems like every celeb and influencer is in on the fajas and waist trainer fad.  It’s always good to learn about the history of a garment, how it’s been worn, and what it has represented over the years. So, we are taking a trip back through the years for a historic look at our beloved shapewear.




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