15 T-Shirts to Share Your Afro-Latinx Pride

We are in the middle of Black History Month, but you know we celebrate Afro-Latinx culture, history, and pride all day, everyday

Photo: Unsplash/@ninjason

Photo: Unsplash/@ninjason

We are in the middle of Black History Month, but you know we celebrate Afro-Latinx culture, history, and pride all day, everyday. One way to show off your identity to others before even uttering a word is through fashion. Here are a few cool and stylish Tees to help you rep your Afro-Latina pride!


Afro-Latina y Tu? by Hause of Curls

Let the world know you’re proud to be Afro-Latina with this sunny tee by Hause of Curls. The brand, owned by Afro-Dominicana Sherly Taverez specializes in repping Afro-Latinx pride through fashion.

Afro-Latina y Tu? T-shirt, $30-$33, Available at Hauseofcurls.com


Afro-Latino Tee by Peralta Project

Photo: Peralta Project

This stylish tee by M. Tony Peralta, of Peralta Project, gives a nod to Afro-Latinxs without having to say too much. An Afro pick stands in for the “i” in Latino, saying it all.

$28, Available at Peraltaproject.com


Morena T-Shirt by Jen Zeano Designs

Photo: Jen Zeano Designs/Etsy

The beauty of Latinxs is that we come in all the beautiful skin colors there are. This tee by Mexicana-owned Jen Zeano Designs gives a shout out to all the gorgeous morenas in the world.

Latina Feminist T-Shirt, $25.60-$227.20, Available at Jen Zeano Designs/Etsy


Afro Latina Tee Shirt by Dare Accessories

Photo: Dare Accessories/Etsy

Dare Accessories creates beautiful, artistic tees, which illustrate the beauty of the black woman (you should also check out their amazing, bold jewelry!). This one is rich in color and patterns.  It’s literally like wearing a piece of art.

Afro-Latina T-Shirt, $18.95, Available at Dareaccessories/Etsy


Afro Latina and Proud T-Shirt

Photo: InoaShop/Etsy

You should be proud of who and what you are. What better way to show your Afro-Latinx pride than by donning this colorful, ’90s-esque, Afrocentric tee?

Afro-Latina and Proud T-Shirt $16.99, Available at InoaShop/Etsy


BLACK BY POPULAR DEMAND Striped Shirt by HGC Apparel

Photo: HGC Apparel

You’re back by popular demand, and black by popular demand. The HGC Apparel T-shirts are designed to hopefully give wearers “a sense of pride and consciousness of our community.” We’re loving this cute black and white striped edition.

$49.99-$55.99, Available at HGCApparel


Strong Beautiful Proud Afro Latina T-Shirt by Spanglish Girl

Photo: Spanglish Girl/Etsy

We are all for words of encouragement and empowerment. This pretty yet powerful tee by Spanglish Girl says the words that will help fuel your day: strong, beautiful, proud, Afro-Latina.

Strong Beautiful Proud Afro-Latina, $22-$24, Available at Spanglish Girl/Etsy


Melanin Shades Black Pride T-Shirt by Oheneba Apparel

Photo: Oheneba Apparel/Etsy

This unisex shirt is all about providing examples of some of the pretty shades within the melanin spectrum. You can shop this empowering concept at Oheneba Apparel, in a variety of styles.

Melanin Shades Black Pride Short-Sleeve Unisex T-shirt, $19.80-$25.20, Available at Oheneba Apparel/Etsy


Black Power Shirt by Cherry Tees

Photo: Cherry Tees/Etsy

We also love a strong, true, timeless quote. Cherry Tees made a shirt featuring the 1926 Langston Hughes quote, “I too, am America.” Because Afro-Latinxs are.

Black Power Shirt Black History Month T-Shirt, $16.19-$24.29, Available at Cherry Tees/Etsy


Powerful Afro Lady T-Shirt by ZellaDon

Photo; ZellaDon/Etsy

You know all the fabulous things you are — now tell it to the world! ZellaDon’s got you; this T-shirt (also available in an alternative style in mustard yellow) features words which will empower you and show everyone the beautiful, smart, powerful, strong, gifted, and fearless queen you are.

Powerful Afro-Lady T-Shirt, $22-$25, Available at ZellaDon/Etsy


Afro-Latinos Lives Matter Shirt by Thread Crush Apparel

Photo: Thread Crush Apparel/Etsy

Afro-Latinxs exist, and they matter. Thread Crush Apparel made a shirt (available in four colors) which echoes this sentiment.

Afro-Latino Lives Matter T-shirt, $19.99, Available at Thread Crush Apparel/Etsy


Afro-Latin Pride by Orijin

Photo: Orijin

This shirt by Orijin is super cool. You have two Afro-Latinxs with afros, demonstrating how Afro-Latinxs are both Black and Latinx. Not enough people seem to grasp this concept, so why not give them a stylish visual?

Afro-Latina Pride T-Shirt, $24.99, Available at Orijin


Latina Has NO Skin Tone Cropped Turtleneck by BLatina with the Good Hair, Inc.

We will never tire of telling of telling folks that Latinas don’t just come in one skin tone. We come in all shades, from the whitest white to the darkest black. Afro-Belizean-ran BLatina with the Good Hair, Inc., echoed the sentiment, in a variety of products with these exact words, such as this chic cropped turtleneck.

Latina Has No Skin Tone, $34.50, Available at BLatina with the Good Hair, Inc.


Afro-Latinas Rock T-Shirt by AfroLatinasRock

Afro-Latinas rock — it’s just facts. It’s also the name of a brand by the Boriqua Chicks. You can shop this shirt, which features the perfect pop of color and enjoy 25% off during their February flash sale.

Afro-Latinas Rock T-Shirt, $25, Available at AfroLatinasRock


BEAUTIFUL Shirt by Beautiful in Every Shade

We are beautiful in every shade! Thankfully, a brand has been built around this universal truth.

$25, Available at Beautiful in Every Shade


Afro-Latina Tee by CLOTHING COUNTS

This fab T-shirt from CLOTHING COUNTS is for the Afro-Latinas who want to display their orgullo loud and clear. Even better, it’s a neutral wardrobe staple, that you can wear with anything.

Afro-Latina Tee, $21.99, Available at CLOTHING COUNTS

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