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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/saltwater.stars

April’s Full Moon is All About Beautifying Your Space

April is showing signs of change, better weather, and with a Full Moon on the 19th, illumination towards necessary alignment adjustments — especially around relationships, according to queer non-binary Boricua & Astro-bruja Ari Felix of Salt, Water & Stars.


“This full moon is remarkable because it is the second Libra full moon we have this year, the first being in March. It is also at 29 degrees of Libra (each sign has 0-29 degrees), making it extra potent and a particularly strong release/climactic point because it is at the final degree,” Felix says. 

Keep in mind that every individual’s experience of lunations is dependent on how the moon is interacting with their own natal chart. But with Libra around the way, here are some aspects of it that we can expect.

“Libra lends to [be] a harmonious atmosphere but is also very justice oriented. We may be feeling the ways people/places/things are out of alignment with our values and be brought to decision making moments,” Felix says. “Pluto is also involved, bringing tension to the places we need to transform through relationships or how we need to transform our values. It may feel intense but liberating; we want to love and be loved yet there are patterns we perpetuate that get in the way of that. This is what the full moon may reveal.”

In other words, “personal response-ability”, Felix adds, which may make more sense as the Full Moon gets closer to date.

With the Full Moon just days away this is just the right time to work with the moon, especially since Libra is related to aesthetics, being ruled by the planet Venus.

“Beautify the spaces you spend the most time in, even just a case of flowers or a candle, or spending time with people that make you feel like life is beautiful. Beautifying yourself is also something you can do specifically as a ritual with this full moon,” suggests Felix.


Ritual is all about intention, she adds, so infuse whatever you resonate with the intention of aligning yourself with what’s more important and transforming the fears or toxicity that keeps you from doing so.

“Affirmations, meditations, and visualizations are also great ways to work with the Libra as an air sign. Libra is about a return to and practice of love (inside out) and much more interested in being something than doing something, so make time for the activities that allow you to just be, with pleasure,” Felix says. These are all steps you can take to honor yourself and the space you’re in.

Every month, Felix writes New and Full Moon horoscopes, among other musings, on different moon phases through her astrological work. 

She tracks the movement of the moon through her own houses (the 12 sections of the natal chart) to understand where the emotional attention is being directed and has often used it to align brujeria with the themes of certain phases, such as the release of the waning moon or the initiation of the first quarter phase. Felix recalls of a time the moon’s energy was all too real but took a step back and made her way back to self-love.


“I was recently experiencing discomfort in a relationship and finally realized it was because I was going against who I was and what I needed. I was overextending myself to try to be someone I’m not so that I could love and be loved,” she shares.

But she says this is a common pitfall for Libra energy. In her particular case, she has planets there that want to please everyone and make life easier for those she loves but has learned that isn’t a long term solution to self-love. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Felix graciously admits that it was a powerful moment for her to realize that she could end her suffering by loving herself enough to be and accept herself, even if it meant losing something or being uncomfortably honest. This is also where firm boundaries and grace towards self and others come into play, an essential part of outgrowing old ways of being.


This just goes to show the power of the moon’s phases and how anyone in any phase of their life can learn about the moon and connect with her in order to evolve as the women they are meant to be.

Ari Felix is a queer nonbinary Boricua & Astro-bruja from Brooklyn, NY. They translate astrology so that those who don’t know the language don’t need to learn it to use it. You can join them for their upcoming live virtual workshop HOUSES on April 24th to learn more about lunations, houses, and natal charts.