The Aquarius Full Moon on August 15th Will Revolutionize Your Love Life

This is the perfect full moon to intensify your love life on August 15th

Art by Johanna Ferreira

Art by Johanna Ferreira

This is the perfect full moon to intensify your love life on August 15th. The new moon in Leo brought finances and love center stage. Expect the full moon in Aquarius to bring the heat in those areas of your life in unexpected ways. Fixed signs can undergo the most changes during this lunar phase. Aquarius represents detachment, independence, and individuality. As a result, emotional freedom will be a huge area of focus for you this month.

This full moon in Aquarius is opposite Venus in Leo, creating either conflict or passion in the love department. Approach the areas of family, home, and love with patience these next two weeks. Try to be mindful during this period. Your relationship can become a topic of discussion if you are unable to apply logic with intuitive guidance in order to rationalize your behavior.

Ultimately, your inner peace is all that matters to you at this time. In order to achieve that inner peace, you will find yourself stepping up to the plate making necessary changes needed for your relationship(s) or your relationship with yourself.

The intense Aquarius and Uranus energy illuminating this full moon will inspire you to create a revolution in the mundane aspects of your interpersonal dynamics. However, not everything will require drastic upheaval. Use your intuition as guidance when you encounter emotional flare-ups during this time. Your intuition will be at an all-time high the next two weeks thanks to Aquarius’ intuitive nature.

Leo’s confident energy is still accessible at this time. Leo season is allowing you to tap into your ambitious part of your personality. Use your newfound confidence and courage towards cultivating a positive approach when working through the shadows of your relationship dramas. This is a full moon that requires delicacy. Expressing a safe and comfortable approach that welcomes positive communication is highly advised. This is a time when relationships can be strengthened if both parties are willing to put in the effort to manifest healthy change.

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Whether you’re rolling solo or in a committed relationship, finding new ways to spark intimacy in your life will be a fun undertaking. On the other hand, don’t be surprised if discussions around taboo topics come to surface such as beginning an open relationship between you and your lover. That is the kind of quirky non-traditional approach Aquarius can inspire this full moon.

Every full moon requires the release of stagnant energy in your life. You will be inspired to let go of behaviors that have been tucked away too long. You are all about your sense of self-expression in your partnership(s) this August 15th. The best relationship we can manifest is a healthy relationship with self. May love inspired by your truth be your guiding force this Aquarius full moon.

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